What Challenges Music Artist Neecy J Had To Face To Make A Name For Herself In The Industry

Challenges are always a part of life and these come in different forms. But with the right mettle and approach, anyone can rise against adversity.

Neecy J is a music artist from the DMV area in Washington, D.C. Her single, “Big Tipper,” has been hitting the scene hard as it peaks at 172 on the DRT Global Charts and 47 on the DRT Global Independent Charts.

Her passion and love for music started when she was a kid when she wrote songs. Eventually, she decided to pursue this dream and managed to gain some notable achievements.

Throughout her career, she has had to face several challenges to make sure that her name stands out from the others who aspire to make themselves known for their talents in music.

Entering A Male-Dominated Industry

According to Neecy J, the biggest challenge was being a female coming into a male-dominated industry and also running into people who may not have her best interests at heart.

“I overcame these obstacles by first being confident and deliberate in everything that I do. I block out all of the noise and stand strong on my craft and give it 100 percent, no matter the naysayers,” she said.

Neecy J added she was also able to overcome these challenges with the help of an amazing team that supports her.

“Surrounding myself with a small circle of people who get the jobs done and have my best interest in mind and believe in my craft is how I overcame my many obstacles,” she said.

Inspiring Others Through Music 

Music has always been a medium for people to express themselves. While many use it to convey emotions, some use their platform to raise awareness or inspire others.

For instance, Neecy J uses her career as a musician to showcase how proud she is of her skin.

“With me being a dark skin woman, I always try to put at the forefront how amazing the dark skin woman is and how happy I am to be in my skin. There is a lot of stigma behind dark skin, but I’m here to show how beautiful and strong the melanated woman is,” she said.

And another goal that she has as an artist is to inspire young people to always follow their dreams and be passionate about whatever it is that they do.

“We all have different paths in life, however, it’s the drive, faith, and strong mental that can get them to where they want to be,” she said.

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