Ways Women Of Crypto’s Initiative Is Helping Minimize The Gender Gap In Crypto

Crypto is dominated by men for the most part and women are still trying to make space for themselves by uniting and educating each other about how things work in the field. Though several powerful women are thriving in the crypto sector, they are still outnumbered by men which makes the valuable field of crypto undiversified. 

The characterization of crypto as men’s territory has kept many women from getting involved in trading and investing in crypto but women like Amy Matsushima are working constantly to make sure that women acquire the same stature as men in crypto by introducing them to crypto with the help of NFT avatars. 

Women Of Crypto: Mission And Goals 

Amy’s “Women Of Crypto” has just one mission and that is to increase women’s engagement in the crypto world so that the gender ratio in the field of crypto is stabilized. Amy recognizes the perks of crypto and how it can make significant changes in their lives financially. WOC NFTs are 3D avatars that women can use in the metaverse where they can join communities and garner business deals as well. Every NFT generated by WOC has unique features complimenting the individuality of every woman. 

Following are some of the ways WOC is helping in shutting the gender gap that is exercising control over the entire crypto sector:

  • Economic Empowerment 

Women’s involvement in crypto will contribute a lot to empowering women economically as they will have access to accounts and services that their financial institution must be providing. According to a report generated by the World Bank, digital payments have the potential to aid and abet women’s economic empowerment which as a result will increase the economic involvement of women and grant them stronger account ownership opportunities. The financial status of women has a direct relation with the educational and medical progress of the country. 

So WOC’s effort to bring women into the blockchain or crypto sector will make it easier for women to access financial services. 

  • Convenient Remittance 

Women from different regions or countries often need to send remittances to their families which costs an arm and a leg when done with the traditional method. Furthermore, women send remittances just as much as men do so finding an alternative way is crucial to saving a large chunk of the amount. Therefore, when women are educated about how cryptocurrency works, they will be able to send money to their homeland without having to pay any hefty charges. 

The exclusion of women from the crypto world deprives them of many advantages blockchain technology has to offer; that’s why Amy Matsushima’s initiative to bring as many women in the crypto realm should be applauded and commended by everyone. 

  • Better Microloan Opportunities 

When it comes to microloans for a new start-up, it is common knowledge that women have a way better reputation as women pay the loan back in a timely manner without creating hassle. However, even with such a great reputation women don’t receive loans as much as men do, says the World Bank. But thanks to cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, the gender gap when it comes to receiving loans has shrunk to a huge extent. And this is because microlending cryptocurrencies like bitcoin are now just a matter of one tap. 

The WOC initiative is hitting two or more birds with just one stone. Their main mission was to include women in the crypto world and the benefits mentioned in the article above are just the byproducts of women’s inclusion in the crypto sector. Shortly, crypto will achieve gender diversity and women will also be able to enjoy the perks of crypto that men have been enjoying for quite some time. 

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