Want To Increase The Value Of Real-estate Investment? Questions Lawton Hopwood

Lawton Hopwood Brings In Some Tips To Help Your Leverage Your Real-estate Investments

While there are many smart ways on the go, to improve the value and reliability of your property, it doesn’t have to cost a lot. To be honest, though the location does matter, it doesn’t really determine the property value. With a few minor changes, even the most atrocious and ugly properties can be improved. Lawton Hopwood, CEO & Founder of Hopwood Homes shares some ways to boost the value of a property and add to its overall value, without breaking the bank.

Tip #1

A proper investigation and verification is a must. Never try to purchase real-estate very childishly or stupidly. While this does not require you to do anything special to the property, it is nevertheless the most important step in building quick value. Just know that your profit is made when you buy, not when you sell.

Tip #2

Try to provide a furnished home if possible. One of the quickest ways is to try e-commerce platforms like ‘IKEA’, or other ventures where you can quickly improve a property from a “bonus room” into a bedroom. This also involves transformation like turning a two-bedroom home into a three-bedroom one. All you require is some ideas and some props to execute them without adding tens of thousands of dollars to the value of the home.

Tip #3

It can be quite surprising but the number of investors who spend a ton on remodelling a house is quite large. Learn not to neglect any more to the outside than a quick paint job. While painting your real estate property is a great way to add value, there are many other ways one can spruce up a property value. Some features like a nicely maintained lawn with a matte finish landscaping can help achieve bigger rent lotteries or a quick sale in the market, both of which make the property value higher than its current value.

Tip #4

Try to create a more ‘open concept house’ where things are more transparent without a dozen walls. This helps give more increase to the desirability of a home and improves the value as well.

Tip #5

Oh yes! Don’t forget to add a bathroom to each of your rooms. This is quite a trend now, as everyone prefers to finish their work within the walls of their room before they move out. If you are looking to remodel, take note of where the plumbing is located and what extra space there is around, above, or below that plumbing. It is quite possible that in the urge of making a bathroom, we might spend some several thousand dollars to make a small quarter washroom.

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