Virtue Map Reviews: My Opinion and Review

Procrastination is one of the leading causes of stress, depression, and anxiety, preventing you from achieving your personal and professional goals. I have seen many people with this unhealthy habit, causing them to make errors when rushing toward a project’s completion. 

In worst-case scenarios, when you put things off until the last minute, the chances are that you will miss the deadline. So, this takes a massive toll on your mental health and increases the risk of stress and anxiety. 

A growing body of research evidence shows that chronic procrastination leads to stress-related complications, such as colds, flu, insomnia, headaches, irritability, and digestive problems. That’s why it is crucial to eliminate the habit of procrastination, become active/energetic, and organize your life. 

The question is: how do you relieve stress and anxiety by mitigating procrastination? What resources are available? Can Virtue Map, an advanced/personalized program help reduce these issues? Everything you need to know in this Virtue Map Reviews: My Opinion and Review. Read on!  

What is The Virtue Map

Virtue Map is a wellness organization that creates personalized programs for its clients to reduce or overcome procrastination, streamline their day-to-day lives, organize their activities, and achieve personal and professional goals. 

A system created by experienced behavioral psychologists determines the root cause of your procrastination. After analyzing the reasons using the collected data/questionnaire/quiz, the system gains insights to develop a personalized plan. 

Common causes of procrastination are low self-esteem, fear of failure, criticism, difficulty concentrating, depression, stress, anxiety, waiting until the last minute, lack of energy, decision fatigue, and resisting challenges. Although these are the common causes of procrastination, different people have different reasons to put things off. 

Why Virtue Map

How many opportunities have you lost or wasted because you didn’t leverage them? You don’t realize the advantages of the opportunity and how it can change your life. Most options come around once, meaning you don’t get another chance. 

So, if you are procrastinating, you will waste your time and prevent yourself from leveraging opportunities that can improve your personal and professional life. Unlike other tools and programs available on the internet, Virtue Map follows a more personalized approach to help you overcome the habit of procrastination. 

I believe personal productivity is directly proportional to the quality and quantity of results you produce. You feel in control if you have high productivity because you streamline your day-to-day life and complete your chores on time. In addition, higher productivity is synonymous with reduced stress levels. 

I am a busy person, and I don’t have time for complicated tools to overcome my procrastination. However, I have used Virtue Map, and it has helped me eliminate procrastination by using 5-15 minutes of my time every day. The program has helped me build and maintain life skills and become more productive. 

Virtue Map uses behavioral science with a personalized approach for each client. The purpose is to foster wellbeing by understanding the human psyche. It involves assessing each client with psychological models tailored to their needs to predict their personal/professional problems and develop a customized plan. Keep reading! 

Key Features Offered by Virtue Map

Numerous features make Virtue Map different from other programs and tools available online. First, it offers 87 daily tasks  (or more for yearly plans!) in a step-by-step manner. These tasks are personalized to your specific needs and delivered to your email. 

Productivity Tools: The program offers a personalized productivity system with evidence-based approaches and methods. The purpose of these tools is to improve your productivity by enhancing your focus on your personal and professional endeavors. 

Quick 5-15 Minute Daily Tasks: Virtue Map is an organized program, allowing people to complete 5-15 minute tasks each day. Each task tailored to your needs follows an evidence-based approach based on the latest behavioral science. 

Daily Guidance: The program assigns success coaches to each client for daily guidance, allowing you to overcome challenging circumstances by putting you in the right direction. Not only does daily advice help you optimize the overall process, but it also keeps you accountable for your actions. 

A Customizable Habit Plan: Virtue Map offers a customizable/personalized habit plan, allowing you to make positive changes in your daily life, evaluate your performance, eliminate bad habits, adopt healthy habits, and track your progress. 

Personalized Content: Depending on your needs and intensity of procrastination, Virtue Map provides you with precious resources, including customized content to strengthen your relationships, foster self-confidence, increase energy levels, streamline emotions/feelings/thoughts, and overcome negativity. The program provides you with personalized content with sophisticated solutions for each of your life stressors. 

Is Virtue Map Regulated?

The Virtue Map is an excellent platform that offers support groups to discuss procrastination. I have personally found this feature helpful, thanks to the extensive knowledge sharing and support from people to overcome the bad habit of procrastination. 

Besides, Virtue Map has developed a highly intuitive app that allows you to access the program anywhere at any time quickly. So, not only do you receive and view daily emails quickly, but you also get different hands-on resources, including worksheets in one place. 

Another thing I love about Virtue Map is progress tracking. I can see how much I have progressed and achieved specific milestones. At the same time, I can view the lessons completed and the remaining tasks to determine whether I am on the right track. 

Similarly, you can stay accountable and review your progress when you unlock daily lessons and tasks by completing the previous ones. Thus, the Virtue Map is a reliable tool to reduce or mitigate procrastination and streamline your day-to-day life using resources/lessons/worksheets/tools developed by qualified behavioral psychologists and success coaches 

Virtue Map Reviews: Pros and Cons


  • A comprehensive step-by-step approach with valuable resources 
  • A systematic methodology tailored to your needs
  • Content is based on research findings and evidence-based META-Review Studies
  • A detailed list of anti-procrastination methods with customization features 
  • Easy to follow the program without getting bored or dull 


  • Requires three months of practice to gain confidence, build self-discipline, and set goals. Some people may find it challenging to follow the three-month plan. 

Virtue Map Reviews: Conclusion

Virtual Map is an evidence-based and proven anti-procrastination and productivity program that can change your life in three months. For instance, the first month focuses on identifying reasons for procrastination and how you behave.

The second month’s plans improve your motivation, strengthen your self-confidence/willpower, and boost productivity. Strategies for the third month play a critical role in helping you learn and develop self-discipline, set goals, and get organized. You then go ahead with advanced techniques starting from your third month. So, I believe the Virtue Map Program is worth your time and money. 

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