Virtual Connection: How Dr. Blake Shusterman Built A Community Around His Brand The Cooking Doc Exclusively Online

Today, the defining factor for any budding brand’s success is the impact of its online presence. South Carolina nephrologist Dr. Blake Shusterman is a testament to that, having built his brand – The Cooking Doc – exclusively on social media platforms including YouTube and Instagram. Within his many years of practice, expertise, and experience treating kidney disease, diabetes, hypertension, and other systemic conditions, Dr. Shusterman spearheaded his brand with the mission to educate people about eating better and living a healthier life. His YouTube cooking show demonstrates how people can easily and accessibly prevent the chronic diseases he sees every day.

Based in Greenville, South Carolina, Dr. Shusterman quickly realized the impact of social media on growing his brand and audience. Actively working with influencers in the food space on Instagram has allowed The Cooking Doc to tap into new audiences and touch the lives of people at every point of the globe and establish a community of people dedicated to bettering their diets and lives. Having collaborated with influencers, including the likes of Fallon Mercedes Brock, Dr. Shusterman has engaged in tantalizing conversations on contemporary topics consisting of the correlation between COVID-19 and kidney failure.

As an exclusive ambassador of The American Kidney Fund, Dr. Shusterman is no stranger to the beautiful and powerful connections that can be made online to create a movement that inspires broader change.

The Cooking Doc platform itself is a treasure trove of resources born out of Dr. Shusterman’s genuine passion for making cooking not only healthy but fun and delicious. With a library of recipes, The Cooking Doc cooking show, and loads of informative content, everyone is bound to find something to love. From macaroni and cheese to vegan bolognese, The Cooking Doc’s delectable recipes are so tasty that it’s easy to forget that they’re healthy too!

Longtime viewers of The Cooking Doc were ecstatic when Dr. Shusterman’s first book, The Cooking Doc’s Kidney Healthy Cooking, launched this past October as a comprehensive kidney lifestyle guide to help manage kidney disease, including new recipes, tips, tricks, and relatable stories all based on contemporary research.

First and foremost, The Cooking Doc is a virtual brand made to be as accessible as possible to as many people as possible. The brand is more than just Dr. Blake himself; it’s the community he’s spearheaded and the movement towards preventing disease, which he’s inspired by educating his audience.

As the nation braces itself for a second round of shutdowns in response to a rise in COVID-19 cases, restaurants are eliminating dine-in options, forcing patrons to advocate for themselves at home in the kitchen, possibly for the first time. Regardless of the journey, experience, or goals, The Cooking Doc aims to be there every step of the way – making cooking healthy and delicious food something to look forward to eagerly.

With the new year approaching, many resolutions are apt to be within the realm of diet and health goals. Online audiences will inevitably gravitate towards Dr. Blake’s approachability, authority, and sustainable recipes for a healthier lifestyle without sacrificing the things they already love.

Dr. Blake Shusterman has proved himself in his career as a nephrologist and as a pioneer of a virtual brand that continues to grow exponentially online thanks to the connective power and impact of social media.


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