Viktor Drago Won His Last Fight and Calls out Logan Paul for an Official Boxing Fight

Boxing is recognised as one of the most well-liked and thrilling sports today. It is an ever-changing sport that has evolved into numerous styles over time. While some people engage in it as professionals and compete for cash and prizes, others do it as a hobby or as a way to stay fit and lead a healthy lifestyle. The sport has a huge global following because it is incredibly entertaining and also forms a part of the Olympic Games.

When it comes to boxing, the well-known Russian player Viktor Drago does not go unnoticed. The heavyweight boxer recently hit the news and garnered limelight after having won against Chino TV in a boxing event conducted on June 18, 2022, in Los Angeles.

Drago and ChinoTV had six rounds of fights in which Drago won with four knockdowns and got knocked out in five rounds for a 2 minute round. “In general, the fight was easy for me. I did not come to the fight with my best possible performance, but I won anyway. The fight was a piece of cake for me,” said Drago after emerging as the winner. Following the event, Viktor sold out the place and also got a high PPV for it. Drago also unfavoured the fact of changing the length of the round, which was initially set at three minutes, but that didn’t play a big role in his performance.

Drago started his boxing career three years ago with Logan Paul. This was a time when he used to shoot pranks on Hollywood stars, including Justin Bieber, Jack Nickolson, Dolph Lundgrent, KSI, Logan Paul, and Manny Pacquiao, that he used to publish on his YouTube channel, Viktor Drago. One fine day, Drago decided to play a prank on Logan Paul and showed up at his house, offering him a fight. At that point in time, Drago had not even tried his hands on boxing, but he was audacious enough to take the plunge and offer Paul his girlfriend in case he lost the fight.

Unfortunately, Drago lost to Paul and realized the fact that street fighting is way different from boxing. His prank went wrong, but at the same time, it marked the beginning of his boxing journey, four months down the line, with the aim of beating Logan Paul. Drago intends to win the fight, sell off the place, and get the highest PPV possible. “Logan is not going to stay 4-5 rounds with me, and he probably knows it,” says Drago with full confidence.

Drago, who has three world cups in cross-country roller skiing, is confident that he can become the WBC world champion in boxing. His sports mantra is to keep training and pushing forward while developing his boxing skills. Being an athlete all his life, Drago aims to become a better version of himself with every passing day.

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