Versatile Music Artist, Luke Crimiel’s New Song “Telephone” is a Perfect Mix of Varied Music Elements

Multi-talented music artist, Luke Crimiel has come up with his new song, “Telephone” that shows his musical expertise. The music composition, vocals, and lyrics reflect the artist’s deep understanding of different musical elements.

Luke Crimiel, based in New Orleans, Louisiana has done a wonderful job by writing exceptional lyrics and mixing multiple instruments in the song, Telephone. It is a pop song that reflects the feeling of ecstasy from a loved one who appreciates the efforts of a person after a long time.

‘Telephone’ song contains an emotional element and the artist Luke Crimiel has expressed all his musical knowledge as well as understanding in this song. From his debut song, “Nothing Left”, Luke Crimiel has made a great improvement in this new song.

Whether it is his unique vocals, deep & touchy lyrics, and his understanding of multi-instruments, every element in the song deserves appreciation from listeners. It is the very reason that the song has started receiving wonderful feedbacks on all music platforms on which it is available.

What makes Luke Crimiel’s musical work so unique is his strong roots in the music. The singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist started developing an interest in music when he was just 4. Luke started to learn to play drums and sing on stage at his godfather’s church.

The multi-talented music artist also enjoys a long history in music theater and he has acted as a leader in countless plays and musicals. This helped him to develop the powerhouse vocals that he is utilizing now for introducing exceptional musical works.

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