Vasily Kichigin goes from being a “Crazy Russian” to a sought-after Freelance Professional

Everyone around Vasily Kichigin, including his family and close friends saw a potential tennis star in the young boy. However, life had other plans in stock for him as he unexpectedly left sports to embrace a seemingly life of freedom as a freelance professional. Vasily was already playing tennis professionally and traveling the world while participating in international tournaments when an encounter with his physical fitness coach showed him the potentials of digital marketing.

After helping his coach to increase his presence on social media, especially Instagram, Vasily decided to take the bull by the horns and delve into online marketing fulltime. Working with his coach, Vasily created captivating content on the Instagram account, which quickly became popular through mentions in the comment section. The success of the account was remarkable, garnering more than ten thousand followers in just a month and featuring on “Robb Report,” a leading luxury magazine. It was a huge achievement for Vasily and his coach as the business sold more than 40 mats in 1 month.

While in school, Vasily was nicknamed the “crazy Russian,” due to his dedication to learning about the Instagram Marketing Business and abandonment of other aspects of life deemed as fun. Vasily attributes his success to his consistency, wise time management, and the decision to stay as productive as possible. “No matter the circumstances, I always try to stay as productive as possible and rationally use the time that the majority of people might spend for pleasure. I remember being at the university and spending all of my free hours in my apartment working on the Instagram marketing business. A lot of my friends were calling my “crazy Russian,” said Vasily.

The young Vasily made good use of the free time at his disposal while in college. While his friends relaxed and engaged in somewhat less productive activities, he channeled his energy towards building a foundation for his future.

The feat he recorded with his coach motivated him to learn about social media marketing, after realizing the huge potentials of growing other people’s companies and personal brands on Instagram.

Over the years, he has worked with clients across the globe, completing more than 20,000 orders on Fiverr and earning over $1,000,000. He was also invited to the New York Stock Exchange in 2019 when Fiverr went on IPO.

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