Universe Money NFT is Unlocking Doors of High Yield DeFi for People

A team from Zurich, Switzerland has created a new crypto, Universe, which is a cutting-edge Defi-as-a-service (DaaS) crypto protocol. Under this protocol, people can buy their token “Univ” and create “Planets”, the NFTs.

To make money from these NFTs, the cutting edge technology of Universe allows you to send your coins to the black hole in order to generate permanent producing NFTs – planets. You can then claim or compound them for greater earnings.

On an average, you can earn passive income from these NFTs that is up to 1,113% APR. This is possible by owning NFTs (non-fungible tokens) and participating in the metaverse. You can also get rewards from your planet for the rest of your life. Universe Money has truly opened the doors of high yield interest for people, who are investing in this particular crypto.

Additional bonus point is that there is no fee on the rewards earned. So what you see will be what you receive. You can begin creating your planet with as minimum as 100,000 UNIV. For every day that you hold your planet, you will earn rewards in the form of UNIV tokens. These rewards are estimated to be between 0.87% and 3.05% of the UNIV that you hold each day.

The value of this token will rise steadily as more coins join the system, allowing you to have a bigger impact on the project’s future and much more.

The team behind Universe believes that DeFi should work for the people, not for private investment funds. As a result, they formed a public investment fund accessible to everyone where they pay out many high-yield DeFi protocols rewards to them.

You can know more about their token and get a deeper understanding of their NFTs here – https://docs.univ.money/

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