Uncovering the man behind Don’t Die Wondering: Antoin Commane

On any given night in New York and London there are splashy parties being held with an invitation list full of socialites, celebrities and even royalty. Hob knobbing along with the rich and famous are social media influencers, people who share what’s happening among the elite with the outside world through blogs, posts and photos.

These social media influencers, who not too long ago were often dismissed by the very same people they now rub elbows with, are welcomed by stars seeking to boost their elite status and subtly promote their luxury brands and products. As millennials and Gen Z’ers turn to social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter and TikTok for entertaining stories and news, social media influencers have the power to make careers and brand sales soar or fade into obscurity.

Behind this discreet society of social media influencers is one man: Antoin Commane. He is the founder of Don’t Die Wondering (DDW, for short), an exclusive group of influencers, celebrities and wealthy trendsetters who are hand-picked by Commane’s membership committee and offered access to an underground scene of parties and events in the worlds of fashion, television, movies, music and art. His “secret society” caters to the top 1 percent of VIPs.

Commane is a multi-talented hospitality entrepreneur, and sought-after style influencer, boasting more than 200,000 Instagram followers alone. If he even casually mentions a brand in passing, sales immediately skyrocket because followers value his opinion.

As these trends show no sign of slowing down, Commane continues to shape the world’s thoughts on fashion, music, art and theatre. If you want to be part of the action, follow Commane on Instagram @antoin and visit the DDW website at dontdiewondering.com to apply for membership.

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