UK Might Lose A Revenue Source If The Betting Laws are Made Stricter, Feels Professional Bettor Neil Channing

UK’s Gambling changes are being closely monitored by professional poker player and sports bettor Neil Channing as he is concerned the laws might lead to horse racing industry disappearing in the country. The law has been updated and this is the cause of concern for the expert.

The legislators have been tracking the gambling circuit for a year and the reviews will be out soon. People in the circuit are anxious of what the results will be but the reports are suggesting the officials might update the laws and make it stricter to make sure they address a rise in problem gambling figures. Official websites with proper regulations in place like Free Bets UK might be the only ones to proceed smoothly. Though this is a good news for such websites, it might be a problem for the overall betting industry.

Channing has said with newer controls the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) has brought, Britain’s horse racing sector will be majorly affected financially. In an episode of Luck On Sunday on Racing TV, the professional sports bettor discussed all the negative consequences that the ongoing government gambling review can lead to. He also discusses how the review will not only affect the near future prospects of the game but also the long-term prospects.

In his discussion, Channing pointed that the stricter laws will remove the affordability factor from the horse race gambling and then only a few will be able to place the bets leading to a point where there will be no more races available. The UK might lose an important revenue source in the process.

The process of any legislative implementation process is lengthy with the proposals going through a specific process before they are eventually submitted to Parliament for approval.

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