uCloudlink & AIR-U Launch New ATab-1 CLOUD Air-Wifi Tablet in Japan

uCloudlink’s First HyperConn Product Delivers Connectivity Without  Limits to Japan

uCloudlink, the world’s first and leading mobile data traffic sharing marketplace, continues to pioneer the sharing economy business model for the telecommunications industry with its latest announcement.

The new partnership with AIR-U will bring the company’s industry-leading HyperConn solution to Japan through the all-new ATab-1 CLOUD Air-WiFi Tablet.

uCloudlink is optimistic about the launch, looking to play an integral role in Japan’s business transformation. The tablet was designed during COVID-19 to meet the rising needs of business users and students for connectivity. For many, a reliable internet connection is not a common home luxury so a mobile data connection allows the students to join classes, participate & advance their distance learning curriculum.

The rising trend of domestic telework throughout Japan also fueled the development of ATab-1.Beyond COVID-19, the new solutions support Japan’s youth with the shift to technology-enabled education. Tablets have become commonplace in grades as early as elementary school with the increased demand but also need for connectivity.

Outside of school or the workplace, many users are unable to continue their work or learning opportunities without a dedicated Internet connection.

About HyperConn

HyperConn is an advanced tool that works in conjunction and on top of uCloudlink’s CloudSIM technology. The technology holds multiple international patents and works to utilize AI that determines the most effective network coverage based on your present location, internet usage and performance of all broadbands available.

CloudSIM technology allows users to access mobile broadband services from any provider in the country with both freedom and flexibility thanks to the removal of a contract need. HyperConn then leverages CloudSIM for optimized data connections.

Speed is one of a multitude of factors ued by  the HyperConn AI when determining best network experience. Additional factors the Artificial Intelligence scans are signal strength, interference, routing, networking, distance to server location and how the device user generally utilizes data on the internet connection. HyperConn defines the best user experience by performance in providing a reliable, safe and dynamic network with a connection that will not drop.

The technology is able to identify available networks from a multitude of sources that include all 4G and 5G mobile broadband signals along with fixed broadband coverage where available.

ATab-1 Tablet Specifics

The new ATab-1 tablet combines uCloudlink’s HyperConn and CloudSIM technology. The tablet offers a visually enriching screen in a size of 10.1-inch FHD display along with an 8-megapixel in-camera and 2-megapixel out camera.

The tablet will be the first business case using HyperConn in the Japanese market. The cutting-edge technology will allow ATab-1 users to automatically connect to the best mobile and fixed-line broadband networks in not only Japan but throughout the world.

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