Two men face charges for getting too close to Old Faithful at Yellowstone National Park

Two tourists are facing criminal charges for getting too close to Yellowstone National Park’s iconic Old Faithful geyser, said the park officials.

An image showed the two men standing at the geyser’s mouth, trying to look into it and clicking smartphone snaps, completely ignoring the ‘no’ trespassing signs.

Kimberly Guilliams, the witness who photographed the two misbehaving tourists, reported them to the park officials. She told America Daily Post that they apparently weren’t aware that they may have endured serious burns or didn’t care about the geyser blowing onto their face.

They simply left the boardwalk, avoiding warning signs, said Guilliams, who was visiting the thermal tourist attraction along with her family.

She and her family could not believe what the men were actually doing, she added.

The officials of the park confirmed that the two men, whose identities have not been released, are facing thermal trespassing charges and will appear before the court in December.

In a statement, the National Parks Service said that the safety of the thermal area is a very significant part of a trip to the national park.

Notably, on the official website of Yellowstone National Park, a warning has already been put up for the visitors to gain knowledge about the potential dangers of getting dangerously close to the famous geyser.

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