Trey Miles Fitzhugh Colley: A brief interview with the man and the mind behind the exponential rise of brands and businesses, with his Instagram growth agency

His firm ‘QuickJump’ has flourished many people and businesses, leveraging Instagram to the fullest with one of a kind strategies.

People obsess over others who have reached a certain status in their careers achieving success overnight; however, all those who attain their definition of success working from the ground up are the ones that infuse the right energies in people, giving them more inspiration to follow the same path and get their desired results. One such growing name in the social media space is Trey Miles Fitzhugh Colley, who as an entrepreneur has taken his clients to achieve greater momentum and success through his Instagram growth agency, ‘QuickJump’.

Let’s get into a quick chat with the man himself, who is gradually rising to the top of the social media game.

Why entrepreneurship?

Well, creating something which I can call my own, was always in my mind and hence, dropped out of college earlier this year with a full 4.0 and got into my journey into entrepreneurship to chase my dreams for achieving what I desire.

What led you towards the idea of your business?

Instagram has been a medium which has always been on the rise. My business partner Stephen and I were inclined towards this medium and used to compete to see who could grow their Instagram faster. This led us to dive deeper into the same and come up with more innovativeness to surpass each other. This is how ‘QuickJump’ came into existence in 2019, where we discovered an Instagram growth strategy that could grow any Instagram with hundreds of targeted followers in just days. And, as for the funding required to start our venture, I started with $20 in my bank account. 

How did you gain momentum in a competitive industry?

By constantly reaching out through multiple accounts. Referrals and word of mouth; however, were something that gave our firm great momentum. Also, I have focused on creating great relations with my clients, which has introduced me to their network. I also believe in investing in oneself, which helps us hone our skills, become better, giving us better results and success naturally.

What aspect of entrepreneurship you love the most and what has been your most gratifying moment in business?

I find happiness in doing what I do, which is my most favourite aspect of being an entrepreneur, turning my dreams into reality. What gives me satisfaction is the fact that I, with my firm, have helped over a thousand people grow their brand on Instagram.

Tell us more about your entrepreneurial journey.

Well, after dropping out of college, I went all in into entrepreneurship six months ago and since then have been making an impact in the social media space. Though I have had a great passion for sports and won multiple championships in Soccer, Basketball, Baseball, and Football, entrepreneurship was something that I wanted to do always. This motivated my business partner and me to create QuickJump, which is today one of the largest and multi 6-figure Instagram growth agencies that’s on its way to becoming a 7-figure firm soon. I run a marketing company called QuickJump VIP as well as a Celebrity Giveaway Company. Our firm has already served over a thousand clients and grown them over 10,000,000+ followers. I have three accounts with 100,000 followers on Instagram and at only 21 years of age have become an entrepreneur who has the potential to turn any brand lucrative on Instagram, giving them the growth and success they desire. Very soon, I am going to release a course on how to make money with Instagram and a course on how to leverage Instagram, using the proven trade strategies by me, helping people get the desired results.

Any achievements that you would like to highlight?

I have over 100 trophies and awards and have won multiple championships in Soccer, Basketball, Baseball, and Football. Hailing from Virginia Beach, Virginia, now I moved to a mansion in Las Vegas, Nevada as a testimony to the power of Instagram. My firm QuickJump has taken clients to earn over 100,000 followers, making 7 figures a year all through Instagram.

As a young entrepreneur, drawing great inspiration from his father and with his strong belief in God, Trey Miles Fitzhugh Colley achieved his definition of success at only 21 years of age. He advises other rising entrepreneurs to learn through accumulating experiences. He wants them to be fearless, focus on the plan and stay committed to their dreams.

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