Top states for hunting in the US

Hunting culture in America thrives, and with its roots firmly embedded into American culture itself, it appears that hunting is here to stay. No matter if you are new to hunting or an experienced hunter, you might be wondering where to go when the next hunting season is underway.

 A recent study by Tier One has unveiled the top states for hunting in the US, preferred by hunters themselves. The report also included additional insights into the motivations for hunting, the most prized trophy hunts, and more. Let’s take a closer look at what the findings, notably the top states for hunting, revealed.

#1 Hunting state: Texas

According to the report, the most popular hunting state, as cited by US hunters, is Texas. With its diverse terrains and large population of big and small game animals, hunters are promised a number of hunting opportunities throughout the year. This includes animals such as white-tailed deer, mule deer, pronghorn, javelina, and more.

Deer hunting, in particular, is known to have a significant economic impact, supporting approximately 209,000 jobs and contributing to $852 million in salaries and wages in Texas alone. As you can see, the hunting industry in Texas is lucrative and attracts many hunters during the hunting seasons.

Like with any state, you must apply for a valid hunting license and other relevant permits if you wish to hunt in Texas. The majority of the land in Texas is privately owned, but you can still hunt on private land if you own it and/or you receive permission from the owner of the land. In the meantime, there are also both state and federal public lands that are accessible.

#2 Hunting state: New York

The next most popular hunting state after Texas is New York, a bustling area that is brimming with wildlife, namely the white-tailed deer. In the same survey, it was also discovered that 64% of hunters favored white-tailed deer, making it the most popular game animal for hunters in the US. As a result, it’s not surprising that the white-tailed deer is the most common species that is often hunted in New York.

The concentration of white-tailed deer in the state is estimated to be around 1.2 million, a relatively large number. Aside from white-tailed deer, New York also offers various opportunities to hunt other game species, including the black bear, wild turkey, waterfowl, and many more.

#3 Hunting state: California

California is listed as the third most favored state for hunting in the US, according to the Tier One study. The Golden State attracts thousands of hunters to its lands every year, guaranteeing an abundance of hunting opportunities for passionate hunters.

With over 176 million acres of public land, this provides hunters and anglers the chance to experience nature in its purest form, while engaging in the exciting tradition of hunting. From the California quail and the wild pig to deer and coyotes, California provides numerous species that can be hunted. Some animals can even be hunted throughout the year, including jackrabbits and doves.

These top 3 hunting states offer ample opportunities for hunters to explore nature and have memorable hunting experiences, no matter their age or hunting knowledge. If you’re planning your next trip for next year’s hunting season, Texas, New York, and California are where you need to be.  

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