Top Contractor In The Country Gary Nash, Teaches How To Invest In Real Estate And Gain More Freedom

Working nine to five is one way to make a living. Investing and creating passive income is another one. Becoming a business owner may not be the goal for everyone but it does come with perks you wouldn’t be able to get working in an office all day. The risks attached to putting your money in a venture without a guaranteed return is frightening and understandably so. The stakes are higher and consequently, mistakes are costly.

With the right guidance, bumps in the road to success can be avoided.

As a mentor and founder of Genius Investing Academy, Gary Nash works toward helping people who want to get started in real estate investing get their foot in the door, the right way. Not only does he open it, he paves the way for his students to walk on, stress-free. His career in the industry spans over forty years. Along the way, he built a million dollar business, recruited a team of fifty employees and won multiple awards and is now considered one of the best contractors in the country by Remodeling Magazine.

The course he offers teaches everything from theories, to the best approaches, strategies, procedures and techniques needed in order to become a successful entrepreneur. Whether it is flipping houses, acquiring confidence and mastery in the art of buying or improving margins on wholesales, it is a one stop shop.

Additionally, the software and tools provided gives real estate investors a deeper understanding of the assembly of houses which is crucial when wanting to maximize the deals. This sets Genius Investing Academy apart from the crowd.

His expertise combined with his knowledge provide the structure needed to start doubling profits and gaining more freedom.

“By having set strategies to achieve my real estate investment goals, I travel more. I love traveling around the US, discovering new cultures, and interacting with new people” says Nash.

With his proven strategies and tactics, course takers are assured to have the best advice at hand to handle any type of situation and can start planning their vacation too. Investing now means securing a future where life is lived to the fullest.

“The Project Management Class, particularly the buy-out section and the scheduling section is saving me thousands. Not to mention the where to find, what to say, what not to say and the litany of details every investor needs to know when dealing with contractors because it all affects the pricing.  I just wish I learned all this 2 years ago…Thanks to Genius Investing Academy, I now look at properties differently, see more opportunities and in fact am a more profitable real estate investor because of it!” attests Zakaria Mathews, one of the students.

Under his wing, dreams of becoming a business owner turn into reality.


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