Top 5 Funnel Templates for Marketing campaigns

Do you want to turn the traffic of several web sources into money? Well, it is possible now. You can transform it into money that flows directly into your business’s cash flow.

A sales funnel is considered to be a process where your client has to go through before making a purchase. Another name for this is a conversion funnel.

To increase traffic and create leads, a well-designed sales funnel is all you need. If you want to know more about funnel template with respect to sales and marketing, just dive in.

1. Template for a product marketing sales funnel

When you want to persuade new customers who are not really interested in your product or those customers are willing to buy it, a funnel template will be helpful. Therefore, With a low-ticket offering, you can draw customers into the funnel. It could be a cost-effective plan for monthly subscription, a free trial, or a free demo.

Now if your customer has bought his first purchase, or by means start using your product then there and then you are more likely to qualify them or follow them with upselling. Well from here you are prone to present them with an unarguable proposition like reduction in prices, detailed amount of money, extra benefits, and whatnot.

If you are new to a business field with a limited amount of budget with no promotion by advertisements, no worries at all, you could still opt for social media or a landing page.

2. Sales funnel for lead magnets

Whenever it comes to generating leads, consider it one of the most daunting tasks you would ever come across. Sales funnel for a lead template will be extremely helpful if your business uses an inbound strategy. Take a few baby steps and you are all good to go.

First things first, to offer your website visitors a give away in exchange for their contact information, you have to make something like a white paper, an in-depth report, a case study, or even an ebook. Right after the submission of an email address from your consumer, start making a list of leads by providing exciting offers and meaningful content for your development.

3. Sales funnel design for product launches

Do you know? Lead magnets are also useful for product launching! For instance, the sign – up form at the beginning of the template below assures your prospects of premium promotional content, such as a sales video attached in an email in exchange for their contact information.

Right after you’re done with the opt-in process, the next step is to send academic videos with practical and useful information about your product, like how to use it and how a purchaser can benefit from it.

You solely need to keep in mind that all these videos must aim to provide value to it. This will not only help you grow rapport with your consumers but also develop good relations so they would buy more freshly launched products and get better services.

4. Live Demonstration sales funnel 

In order to increase your sales by including on your website product demo videos, using a funnel template helps a lot. Meanwhile, creating a live product demonstration page with recorded Q&A videos and linking it to the Subscription page will allow you to present a limited-time offer to leads who have viewed the Q&A videos all the way through.

5. Sales funnel design for expensive goods

When it comes to selling funnel templates, it might be difficult to sell expensive items like consulting services or premium software. For a customer to act on whim, the cost of the bargain is too high. Therefore, creating a sales funnel in such a case with numerous thoughtful steps would be beneficial.

What you have to do is create an online page for events where it’s easy for a visitor to register thereby leaving his/her email address. Now send follow-up to your visitors providing them with a link of whatever event is going to happen.

By the end of the event, you can easily push your visitor to buy a product immediately. Also, you can ask them to pay a small amount if they have decided to purchase.

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