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At Titan consultants, our prime focus is to cater to the construction requirements of the federal government. For the last ten years, we have served as a construction management firm for prime contractors with federal government construction contracts.  Our proud accomplishments include the HIRE Vets program awarding us with a Gold Medallion, becoming A+ members of the Better Business Bureau, and receiving the 2020 award from BUILD magazine for the best specialist contractor.

Why Titan Consultants

There are several reasons to work with Titan Consultants, one of them being our unique structure helps customers with various processes, including pre-construction, construction management, and project closeout The construction management team at Titan are industry-based seasoned veterans who knows the demands of the job from start to finish. All the employees working with us are renowned industry experts.

Why Visit TitanSafetyCourses.com

At Titan Consultants, we know the importance of education and training programs. To ensure we have the best person hired for the job, we introduced Titan University, also known as TitanSafetyCourses.com. Our motto is to provide awareness in construction safety, quality control, and the environment as they relate to federal government construction contracts. Our industry experts guide the students to work as construction managers and deal with the tasks daily.

By enrolling in Titan University, the students will learn a lot about managing field operations, including the competitive and ferocious side of the business. At Titan University, you will learn the importance of construction quality, safety, and minimizing the environmental impact of the project. The students also learn the importance of daily communication as construction managers and how to write compelling and accurate proposals to increase your chances of a contract award.  Some of the courses of Titan University include:

  1. Construction safety courses: EM 385-1-1 40 hr, Confined Space, Fall Protection
  2. Environmental compliance courses: Turbidity Testing, Manatee Observer, Sea Turtle Monitor
  3. Construction quality control courses: Mastering RMS 3.0, Submittals, 3-Phase Inspections

Benefits of Enrolling in Titan Safety Courses

Certificate of Completion

Once the course is complete with a 70% or higher passing score, you can download the certificate immediately

24/7 Availability

In case you need a break, feel free to do so. Our tests and course can wait.

100% Online Training

Easy to memorize important information with short sections included within, helpful in course test. We are the first government construction management company that has developed online courses based off our real world experiences onsite. Other construction edicastional platforms have never even set foot on a construction site.


Our courses comply with the current standards of USACE and NAVFAC projects.

Your Account

You can access your classes in progress, and the ones you had taken previously. Upon completion, of course, you can view and download certificates in your account.

Deep Discounts

For a limited time, enter coupon code 100Credit to receive a $100 credit applied to your first class at TitanSafetyCourses.com! No other websites are offering discounts this deep!

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