Tik Tok Viral Glassware Company, The Wine Savant Lands in Bass Pro Shops, TJX, Walmart and other Major Retailers

Do you have a friend that’s a little too obsessed with Tik Tok? We are that friend. Recently we’ve been keeping an eye on viral glassware company, The Wine Savant. Over the past 6 months, this small business has garnered over a half a billion views on their unique glassware products. 

The Wine Savant describes themself as “the innovative destination for all things relating to wine and whiskey.” The Brooklyn based small business specializes in creating showcase pieces that are both functional and unique. Founder Mark Sanders explained, “each handcrafted item is a tool of expression, allowing the buyer to articulate their passions through the art of drinking. Our products are calling cards to invite friends, relatives, and coworkers to relax and unwind through a connoisseurial experience.”

Recently, The Wine Savant announced via a Tik Tok live stream that they are launching in Bass Pro Shops, TJX, Walmart and other major retailers. This is a major rollout as they were originally a DTC native brand. 

It’s incredibly impressive to see the power of Tik Tok on small businesses over and over again. The immersion of Tik Tok for DTC brands has landed small business exponential growth making them a real threat to P&G, J&J and other major brands. Including retail, wholesale, and e-commerce has given The Wine Savant a full life cycle of branding and has opened international expansion doors as well. 

“Being on shelves has always been a goal of ours, it is for every e-commerce native brand, we were just waiting for the right placement opportunities. After much interest we decided it was time to get our goods in stores and let our UGC growth really shine.” Said Dylan Bell, COO of Cling. 

We will continue to keep our eye on emerging small businesses on the popular short form video platform.

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