Media has taken center stage and is now the easiest way to let the world know about your business. It is also quite complicated to navigate the platforms without proper knowledge of how to leverage social media. Even so, the fact remains that social media can help you expand your brand reach. Having benefited from using social media to grow their reach, Yulia Foxx is sharing her experience and insights on navigating the online world to favor your business.

Sharing content across platforms
How many people are seeing your content? Which platforms are you putting your focus on? For your brand to gain a wider reach, you need to up your social media marketing strategies to attract followers and customers. Leveraging social media means taking advantage of every available platform and weighing what content works for each platform. Sharing content across platforms is a great way to maximize your reach on a piece of content. “While social media is not a one size fits all space, I have found that sharing my posts, especially high-performing posts, across my social profiles helps me reach more people,” says Yulia. Also emphasizes the importance of sharing content across platforms to maximize reach stating, “you never know where your target audience likes to hang out, you have to be in every platform to increase your chances of attracting more of your customers.”

Improves your search engine ranking

“I have had digital media experience for a few years now” states Yulia. Yulia has realized that while traditional media does still work, social media will get you there faster. Through social platforms, you can easily improve your rankings. An increase in your social media share rate improves your search engine rating. Today, most consumers will look you up on social media before visiting your social media page. According to Foxx, since everything is now online, she has learned to focus on her social platforms to help her unlock new heights in her career. A higher ranking automatically translates to more people visiting your pages and trusting your business.

Develop trust with your customers
Social media is not just a marketplace where you sell and promote your product or service. It gives you the opportunity to build a relationship with your customers and cultivate loyal customers. “I think it is easier and faster to create and maintain a bond with customers on social media than any traditional channels would,” states Yulia. Also, through the relationships she has built with her audience online, more people want to be part of her audience and it opens up opportunities for referrals. “Once people trust you and form a connection with you, they will remain with you and even invite their friends and family to join them. It also prompts people to share your content on their personal pages.” Social media offers a wider view of the world and possible reach for your brand. Through social media, you can build a loyal customer base and walk leads through your funnel into conversion. The digital space offers you a world of untapped potential.


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