This Young Youtuber is Changing The Way You Look At Fitness – Derek from

This year has made us realize how important it is to keep your mind and body functioning at peak performance.

However, it can be difficult to find reliable sources of information with the massive amounts of content being published online nowadays.

One reliable resource that has exploded in popularity lately is More Plates More Dates.

It is a catchy and memorable name for a social media influencer that seems to be a one-stop-shop for fitness and health-related educational material.

It covers edgy topics in elaborate detail that other traditional fitness influencers tend to avoid, and also manages to present it in an entertaining way.

The owner Derek intertwines his passion for pharmacology and maximizing human performance to produce science-based content regularly.

Back in 2016 Derek started writing blog articles and posting self-improvement related content online through “More Plates More Dates”.

Derek has also been working in the supplements industry for a long time, which eventually led to him launching his own company.

After gaining some popularity on YouTube and with his blog, Derek launched Gorilla Mind in December of 2017.

Gorilla Mind is a supplement company that sells Nootropic formulas, pre-workouts, and an array of other products geared towards health and performance.

Today, More Plates More Dates doesn’t limit his content to health and lifestyle, but he also publishes elaborate deep dives into pharmacology, hormone optimization, HRT, hair loss prevention, and much more.

Having worked with professional athletes, Olympic sprinters, Mr. Olympia level bodybuilders, and Hollywood actors, over the years Derek’s consultation services have become highly sought after.

His success wasn’t overnight, and he admittedly says that he could have grown his following much faster if he started posting daily off the bat.

Now he posts at least one video every day for his large fan base on YouTube.

Just like most other successful entrepreneurs, the process wasn’t smooth sailing, despite his quickly growing following right now, which is currently at 180,000 subscribers.

The reality is that it took him two years to reach his first 10,000 subscribers on YouTube.

Telling us about his story Derek says, “When you’re making content about what you love, work does not feel like work. I believe I have found my niche and my path, and now I just need to push as hard as I can to grow my brand.”

This shows his love and commitment to his work and passion.

We wish him all the best to him for his future endeavors.

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