The Resolve to Help Entrepreneurs Rise to Success – Mohammad Hamzah Ahmed

Life is full of challenges, but we must overcome our problems and issues through dedication, resolve, commitment, and resilience. Many fail because of a lack of patience and will to strive through the challenges. Business is just like life; creating a successful enterprise is not as easy as it sounds. Many believe business is more straightforward than employment and does not involve the same problems or challenges. However, setting up and running a business is much more complex than it seems because it comprises taking financial risks apart from several other challenges. Many aspiring individuals try their luck to transform their ideas into profitable businesses. However, only a few create sustainable business empires through resilience, hard work, and dedication.

Establishing and maintaining a business involves considerable skills and expertise, but no particular ingredient or key to success exists. Businesses succeed due to various factors, but hard work, resilience, and dedication are common themes or elements in almost all successful companies. Entrepreneurs must be dedicated and committed to their vision apart from developing novel ideas for products and services. Entrepreneurs can overcome such challenges through field experience or professional help from consultants. Consultants have ample knowledge, experience, and skills for successfully setting up and managing businesses in particular regions according to local practices, customs, laws, and regulations. Hamzah Ahmed is an experienced consultant helping thousands of entrepreneurs and companies make a mark in the UAE business environment.

Mohammad Hamzah Ahmed is the founder and CEO of ITQAN Corporate Services, helping individuals and companies set up businesses in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates. Ahmed and his company’s primary goal is to help new and existing companies to develop a presence in the Emirati market by setting up a local business. Hamzah Ahmed, an entrepreneur, knew the challenges and issues of establishing a business in a completely new social, cultural, and commercial environment. He founded ITQAN to help individuals and companies develop their businesses in Dubai and other cities in the UAE by providing advice and consultancy regarding the local business environment. Ahmed and his company assist local and foreign individuals establish their businesses in the United Arab Emirates in various business setup phases.

Although many individuals have novel ideas and are committed to working hard and striving through the challenges, they do not know where and how to start. Creating and developing a business is harder said than done because it involves numerous financial, operational, legal, and regulatory complexities. Mohammad Hamzah Ahmed acquired business experience early in life. He utilized his skills to help others achieve their entrepreneurial objectives while overcoming legal and operational complexities. The entrepreneur joined his father’s business while others his age spent time with their school or college friends and acquired substantial business insights. Ahmed continued working throughout his bachelor of engineering degree due to his interest in business, leading a team of over 55 employees while accumulating leadership skills.

The entrepreneur acquired substantial professional experience while working in the family business in various locations and managing numerous employees. However, a crisis compelled him to switch jobs and start working as an area manager in one of the leading retail and real estate companies in Saudi Arabia. Working in a different country taught Mohammad Hamzah Ahmed about diverse regulatory and legal requirements and business practices. The entrepreneur later shifted to the UAE to establish ITQAN Corporate Services in 2018. Mohammad Hamzah knew the regulatory and legal challenges of operating in different countries due to his professional experience in multiple regions, including Yemen, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates. He wanted to help foreign entrepreneurs assimilate into the Emirati culture while adhering to the local customs, laws, regulations, and business setup requirements.

Thousands of individuals have ingenious and innovative ideas that could transform into profitable businesses. However, not everyone has the insight or expertise to run a business successfully. The challenge and lack of experience are where professional consultants like Hamzah Ahmed play a significant role in helping entrepreneurs set up their companies. Ahmed provides advice on several business aspects, including setting up a company and establishing a business in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates through local partnership or sponsorship. The consultant also helps entrepreneurs through the security approval, company registration, and visa or residency phases through his experience in the UAE. Mohammad Hamzah Ahmed is an experienced consultant with the resolve and vision to help entrepreneurs and foreign companies succeed by establishing their presence in the UAE and the Middle East.

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