The NYC Artist, Marko Stout is Talking About Working on New and Interesting Ideas in Future

Marko Stout, the popular NYC artist has been gaining a lot of popularity for his art and he is receiving a positive response from celebrities and fans alike. His recent sold-out solo video installation at Tribeca Gallery in New York has also made him all the more popular among people in New York City. While addressing media persons and all his fans after the successful exhibitions with his video installations for the video titled “Erotic Allure Volume 3”, Marko Stout shared his future plans in an explicit manner.

The NYC artist, Marko Stout has talked about working on his new and interesting ideas in the years to come. In addition to this, he has also highlighted that he is looking to take part in solo exhibitions in various popular regions of the US and Europe. Marko Stout doesn’t just enjoy huge popularity among the audience but he also enjoys a deep bond with his models. The artist remains in the news for attending many high profile social events, fashion shows, and having sold out exhibitions with his video installation, and sculptures.

Marko Stout is also planning to work with a local New York designer to include his images in a clothing line. He has also hinted at producing longer art films for a duration of about 45 minutes. The charismatic NYC artist has also been waiting to implement his plans of working with his models on interesting ideas like participation in the films. Moreover, he said that he is interested to take part in sculpture works and installation type projects in the coming years.

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