The Hottest Jeweler, Cirok Starr is taking the country by storm

We’ve seen the Instagram posts and stories with the celebrities and sports stars with the hottest jewelry trends. Now those trends are easily available here in the Midwest, more exact Columbus, OH.

Introducing the “Tatted up Asian from the Southeast” as he was introduced in his hot single “Another Bottle featuring One Hunned & Starz Vu” – Cirok Starr, the man behind the infamous diamond grillz.

Now with all the fame and fortune that came with entering the business of custom jewelry we want to meet the man behind the Versace glasses that provides the custom jewels. Who is Cirok Starr?

Cirok Starr has an aura like no other. He carries this cool party vibe where he is quick to share a drink with you. Even if you don’t want to drink you just can’t say no when he hands over that first shot glass. Once the party starts he keeps it going passing shots and keeping that fun vibe going. You just are driven to his presence.

When it comes to business he takes his work seriously. He often states this isn’t the usual 9 to 5, its being on call 24/7 and when the customer is ready, he’s ready. Anything from custom logo diamond pendants to diamond grillz, if you can dream it he can make it come true. He works with any budget so no one is left behind. Grillz vary from vampire style fangs with a bridge to full mouth pieces anywhere from 6 to 10 teeth – whatever your heart or budget prefers. In addition to custom diamond pieces he can also recreate your favorite piece of jewelry promising to beat the competition. Trust me when I say his prices are competitive and surprisingly favorable compared to the other custom jewelers around the county. Get it while you can.

Not only do we meet the cool party guy and the sharp business entrepreneur but there’s also another side of Cirok Starr that few see, the loving family man. Everything started when he decided to walk away from his daily 9 to 5 job to pursue a legacy for his family. He started it all with an apparel company with the same name of his son, Sevin. From there he worked tirelessly to create a household name in clothing to build a continuing successful business from scratch. He continues to outgrow the mold.

We will watch what the future holds for this man and see how far his hard work, sweat and tears will take him as he strives for the stars. Only way to go from here is up.

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