The Fitness and Health Guru Greg Dagnall’s Take on Nutrition and Weight Loss

Greg Dagnall is a fitness expert and a professional nutritionist who intends to spread positivity and the right information about the fitness and health industry. He completed the fitness and nutrition course MNU to become a certified Nutritionist. His major objective is to help people achieve their health and fitness objectives with the right diet and best workout routine. What sets Greg apart from other nutritionists and fitness trainers is the fact that he is an evidence-based trainer. He believes in the tried and tested techniques that can bring the best results. Everything he suggests is tested and supported by science.

Dagnall does not train his clients to become athletes. He rather helps them to achieve their fitness objectives by trying the right and evidence-based training methods. He believes in setting achievable and realistic goals. Greg is known for his unique and evidence-based approach to fitness counseling. He knows the results his clients will achieve if they follow the particular exercise routine.

He educates his clients about the outcome they can expect if they stick to his training advice. The major motive of the fitness guru ‘Greg Dagnall’ is to take his clients to a stage where they don’t need any coach or counselor to set their fitness goals. Within 3 months, these clients achieve their desired results, or at least they are able to continue their journey without the support of a training or fitness coach.

Greg never sets the meals for his clients. He doesn’t tell them what they should have for lunch, breakfast, and dinner. He only explains the right amount of calorie intake and how they can manage it every day. Greg encourages his clients to make the best decisions for themselves.

While talking about the most challenging case of his career, Greg mentioned that he had to guide a young trainer who wanted to lose weight. She had the basic knowledge of the right nutrition and exercises. So, he studied her goals and set a plan to help her cut down those extra pounds. Though everything went smoothly for the first few days, the only problem was that she couldn’t control her overeating habits. This client would not weigh herself often since she knew that there is no connection between weight and fat loss. While she was right with this fact, but losing some pounds gives you the strength and motivation you need to keep going. It gives you a sense of security that you are on the right track. Greg prepared a diet plan for her and asked her to measure her weight every day. She was able to lose around 2 kgs in only 3 weeks. By this time, she had overcome her overeating disorder. Eventually, she achieved her goals by cutting down 4 kgs.

He believes that realistic goals and timescales are the two most important things that people should know before they get started with their fitness journey. He considers Martin MacDonald his inspiration.

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