The excellent business skills of Maryam Rahmani aka Maria mark her significant growth in the real estate market

Not everyone is good at handling the fickleness of corporate life, yet some people do it so flawlessly. Taking the name of one such soul who has always adhered to her stunning business skills: Maryam Rahmani. The woman has endured several corporate circumstances of various businesses and proved her proficiency every time.

Besides her passion for beauty, fashion, modelling and the media industry, Maryam Rahmani always clung to her corporate version. She started her career when she was 17-years-old. For 18 years, she has been a crucial hand for some of the biggest international companies like KPMG International, Alliance Insurance, Esmod French Fashion University, DAMAC Properties, to name a few.

Presently Maryam Rahmani aka Maria is exploring the realms of real estate. By being a Senior Manager- Business Development at DAMAC Properties, the influencer is now amassing and bolstering her knowledge in that field. Through her previous knowledge and mastery, the influencer has made her place in real estate and is now amassing new adeptness. Maryam Rahmani saw appreciable progress in the corporate world by regulating her flawless company skills.

Based in Dubai, the influencer is very particular about being professional in her corporate career. Maryam Rahmani is a multi-faceted personality who is now aiming to be an expert in real estate. Up to the present time, she has handily juggled between her business skills and influencer self, doing justice to each of her hobbies. This social media sensation loves to grow and thus she is precisely excellent at her business aspect.

Maryam Rahmani is already distinguished among the netizens for her fashionableness and beauty skills. She has worked as an influencer and advisor for different brands. Maria pours her incredible belief in being positive and spiritual. Moreover, she also has a huge heart for sports and the arts.

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