The Best of the Best: Fashion couture in UAE

Over the years the UAE has emerged as a hotbed of many creative and innovative fashion and couture brands. From classics to couture the range of what the country is capable of should be a source of pride for all designers out there.

Many in the rest of the world think Middle Eastern fashion equates to traditional abayas, making it challenging to rise above perceptions (and misconceptions) which is why Hanayen landed on our radar years ago at many important premiere events and red-carpet events. With her energetic and exquisite collection, Hanayen reinforced the idea that couture fashion has a viable voice in the UAE.

Hanayen Couture has always stayed at the forefront of fashion in the UAE, which is why many top artists and models have trusted the brand on their D-days and will continue to in the future. With her unique approach to design, her collections are always fresh and exciting, making her a true standout in the fashion world.

For brides with more avant-garde and fashion-forward aesthetics, and Models, actresses, and artists making fashion statements at red-carpet events, Hanayen is the best fashion couture boutique to kick-start your dress journey. From elegant silhouette bridal gowns to red-carpet fashion you’ll find the exact inspiration you need to feel bold, beautiful, and confident on your big day.

In fact, her designs are so compelling that even Diva Dee is a fan.

Diva Dee aka Danya from Dubai Bling featured wearing a Hanayen Couture embellished gown for the opening of Atlantis The Royal. Danya’s statement look was paired with a stunning set by Mahallati Jewellery and bronzy makeup to top off the glamorous royal look.

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Hanan’s designs are inspired by classic beauty and romance. Her signature look is characterized by intricate details, beautiful fabrics, and delicate silhouettes. She believes in creating timeless pieces that will be cherished for years to come. “My goal is to make every customer be it a bride or an artist feel like they’re living in a fairy tale,” she says. “My designs reflect my passion for creating unique, one-of-a-kind gowns that will leave a lasting impression on their special day.”

The designer’s cleverly crafted collections featured through her brand Hanayen Couture which are both elegant and ultra-glamorous have motivated her to move across international borders and gain recognition in major fashion publications worldwide.



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