The $279B US Wholesale Medical Supplies Market Statistics & Trends

The wholesale medical supplies market has been one of the largest worldwide for years. In fact, in the United States, the market size is expected to total $279 billion in 2022. This figure appears to be continually rising as there are plenty of factors that can affect the growth of the medical supply industry. 

The Wholesale Medical Supplies Market Overview

The wholesale medical supplies industry essentially works between medical supply manufacturers and healthcare providers that include dental offices, hospitals, clinics, assisted living facilities, and doctor’s offices. Popular medical supplies often include medical equipment, surgical instruments, disposable gloves, catheters, syringes & needles, gauze pads, isolation gowns, air purifiers, amongst many thousands of other medical products that are needed on a daily basis by healthcare professionals everywhere in order to operate and manage the health needs of millions of people.  

Factors Affecting the Growth of The Medical Supply Industry 

The main factors that cause the consistent growth of the wholesale medical supplies market are chronic diseases such as diabetes and renal diseases. In addition, the growing geriatric population and the resultant rising number of dialysis procedures needed for kidney transplants also contribute to the growth of the medical supply industry. 

An increase in physician visits is also a significant contributing factor when it comes to the growth of the medical supply industry. Each time a patient leaves the physician with a visit, the single use medical supplies must be changed out to maintain sanitary expectations. As the number of patients who can afford regular dental and medical checkups increases, the medical supplies industry should also increase with it. 

How the Wholesale Medical Supplies Market Changed Over Time 

The medical supplies industry has grown 2.5% each year since 2017. These five years have also seen an increase. This is surprising as the demand for non-essential healthcare services was grandly limited with COVID-19. As restrictions on non-essential care are removed, people are starting to regularly get health checkups from their doctors. This is expected to cause the medical supplies industry to accelerate growth as well.  

Expected Growth Rate in 2022

The market size of the Medical Supplies Wholesaling industry is expected to increase 3.9% in 2022.

Medical Supplies Industry Performance

The market size of the wholesale medical supplies industry in the US increased faster than the economy overall throughout the past 5 years.

Medical Supplies Industry in Other Countries

In relation to the rest of the world, The United States medical supplies industry is relatively large. The wholesale medical supplies industry is ranked 9th globally for its market size. In terms of market sizes within The United States, the medical supplies industry is only ranked 37th. 

Healthcare industry outlook & emerging startups

As the healthcare industry continues to grow and with that the wholesale medical supplies sector too, so has followed private investments in many startups. One in particular that has been a notable up & comer is Seattle-based Bttn, how is aggressively trying to be “the future of medical supply” by bringing far better technology, big data insights, and an e-commerce platform to medical offices, surgical centers, hospitals, and dental offices everywhere. Bttn aims to bring far more transparency and efficiencies to the healthcare industry in order to help lower their medical supply bills by as much as 20-40%, while making the medical supply procurement process far less painful than it already is for healthcare professionals and their supply teams.

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