Tetrabyte IT on the Importance of UK Government Cyber Essentials Certification

When it comes to finding the best B2B IT firm for your business, be sure to choose a certified source.

Tetrabyte is a national player in the world of managed IT resources. They have a stellar reputation in the world of computing technology, offering blended solutions to firms in need of IT outsourcing. But they didn’t start this way. You don’t get to be as large as Tetrabyte without having to build your business from the ground up.

One of the critical building blocks for any business which stores and saves consumer data is a secure IT service. This functions as both your data storage and retrieval system and as your safe barrier against hacking… That is if you choose a managed IT service that follows government guidelines to protect your information.

Why we need to Protect our IT Systems

We all know that hackers are a real threat to the digital world. Although internet scammers seem to be the prevalent threat to consumers, for companies that threat is the theft of corporate and consumer information.

Although this is a recognized fact in the modern world, our sources at Tetrabyte tell us that they frequently encounter businesses that don’t protect this sensitive data. They are on a one-company mission to educate the business world on the importance of choosing certified companies to deal with their data.

The Annual Cost of Data Leaks

IBM conducted a study into the cost of a data breach in 2020. They found that the average cost per data breach to any given organisation was $3.86 million. A breach to your cyber security systems takes an average of 280 days to find and rectify.

When you outsource abroad for your IT systems, you lose the protection of the Government Certification Scheme that we have here in the UK. This puts your firm at immediate risk of scandal.

UK Govt. Cyber Essentials Certified Companies are Safest for Managed IT

Even though outsourcing abroad might not be the best answer, we would urge companies not to be put off from outsourcing their IT solutions overall. Keeping your data within the UK gives you the full protection of the UK law… if you know what you are looking for.

To give your firm the best chance at protection against data scandals, opt for a managed IT firm that carries the Cyber Essentials Certification. This certification ensures that the firm has been tested for data security and has been able to successfully demonstrate their response to cyber threats. To gain this Certificate, a firm must apply to the Government, then show them that they can handle a cyber-attack.

Be aware that Cyber Essentials Certification is by no means mandatory among IT firms. In fact, it is considered a badge of honour. It is only given to those who have been tried and tested. In the field of work where the  digital marketplace is on a steady growth path, we must do all we can to protect ourselves.

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