Television Personality and an Influencer, Diego Granese Loves Taking Up New Projects To Keep His Hands Full All The Time

Italian businessman and influencer Diego Granese was born on September 28, 1990 in Italy. At a young age he established many businesses. One of his businesses includes creating world known wines under the Aviva Wines brand.

Granese has faced various challenges while building up his work but has always adapted to the changes and brought up profit from it. He has never let anything stop him. Today he manages all his organisations from Italy and works around the globe as an investor. He has made a name as a social media influencer too. He can be followed on Instagram @diegogranesereal to get inspired and be updated with the life of this VIP and successful personality.

Granese has been managing all his businesses while taking up new projects. Recent one being part of Television. He has been dating models and TV showgirls and is spotted on Italian TV after being linked to acclaimed models.

Currently he is moving his business place to Dubai and making the centre of his business group- Billionaire Group. The group counsels and manages business internationalization, opening organizations in Dubai and other nations where tax assessment and acquiring home licenses is encouraged. He wants to make Dubai his forever base to offer consultation to administrations, individuals and organizations who intend to move to the nation with financed tax collection.

Granese has been heading many projects but taking up new and exciting projects keeps him on his toes. The businessman loves skeet shooting and dynamic shooting. He says these keep him energetic to achieve more in life.

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