TC1 Gel is Revolutionizing The Fitness Industry

TC1 (@tc1gel) is revolutionizing the fitness industry. The company was founded by James Cork, who has been a lifelong advocate of fitness and wants to help people get passionate about working out.

James started out in the fitness industry by helping other fitness brands with their marketing. He helped them get the word out about their business through social media, and he was very good at it. After seeing the success he was able to generate for other companies, James decided he would start his own company. He figured he would be able to replicate that success for his company that would eventually be called TC1.

The idea behind TC1 was simple. Build products that enabled people to get passionate about working out again. One of their mainstays in their product line is their Sweat Ignition Gel. This Gel helps heat people sweat more while working out, and TC1 has built a popular segment on their Instagram that showcases customers showing off their sweat after completing a workout. Its small things like this that allow TC1 to help people get passionate about their fitness.

But it took a long time for TC1 to build the community of fans that they have today. At first, it was a major struggle for James to find the right product. We all know that the fitness industry is always changing. It seems as if there is a new fad workout or diet that pops up every single year, and we can see how hard it can be to stand out in an industry that is always changing.

James didn’t want to create one of those fad-products though. He wanted to create something that could stand the test of time. And not be discarded whenever the next fad comes through. We’ve seen this happen plenty of times with products like the shake weight and many more that we simply can’t remember. James wanted to create a product that allowed people to perform any workout. This is when he came up with the idea for their Sweat Ignition Gel.

With any workout, the idea is to break a sweat. And of course, the more you sweat, the more weight you lose. James simply wanted to create a way for people to get the most out of their workout no matter what they were doing. When they released their Sweat Ignition Gel, it was a major hit. Not only could people feel like they were getting more out of their workout. But they could also visibly see just how much they were actually sweating by the end of their workout. TC1 was able to make this product go viral because people really enjoyed seeing the crazy amount of sweat people built up at the end of their workout. They showcased those videos on their ads and that really helped with their growth.

Now that James has a company that is able to reach hundreds of thousands of people every single day, he’s doing his best to help them stay motivated towards getting in shape. He knows that the best way to motivate people is to show them what’s possible when they dedicate themselves to working out. He often has influencers come on his page to talk about their diets and how they used TC1s products to get in shape and stay there.

With more and more brands coming into the online space everyday, James sees it as a fun challenge to stay at the top of the industry. His goal is to get TC1 to the top of the industry for selling supplements and workout accessories. He will continue working on TC1 for as long as he can. He’s extremely passionate about the business and he wants to help as many people as possible reach their fitness goals.

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