SVAKOM’s Representative Kate Kozelova Promoted a New Adult Toy “Alex” During Business Meetings at AVN Awards

Kate Kozelova, SVAKOM’s representative attended the AVN Adult Entertainment Expo, the world’s largest adult extravaganza in order to promote products from the adult toy manufacturer and to build a new network. During the meet, she visited both the b2b and b2c side of the trade show and attended many business meetings with renowned people from across the world. In addition to this, Kate Kozelova promoted SVAKOM’s new masturbator “Alex” in the trade show and received positive feedback from many players in the US market.

The 37th AVN awards took place from January 22-25, 2020 at Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas and every year the biggest trade show is organized to celebrate the growth as well as the success of the adult business. Awards in different categories are distributed in the trade show and many adult stars make an appearance in the annual adult entertainment event.

Kate Kozelova interacted with many big names in the adult industry and represented SVAKOM on the show in an adequate manner. SVAKOM also presented many different adult toys to people and took their feedback regarding adult toys. According to Kate Kozelova, the event not just expanded the network of SVAKOM but it also inspired the adult toy manufacturer to introduce innovative products for its audience in the future.

SVAKOM received positive reviews for releasing exceptional vibrators for women and the company was nominated for “O” Awards from AVN. The AVN awards show covers many parts to celebrate the works in the adult business. And it featured many nominations from the “Best Oral Sex scene” to “Best comic adult video” and Displo gave a secret guest performance at the trade show.

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