Super Mama and A Successful Business Lady Lyubov Tsokolo

1. Tell us a bit about yourself!

My name is Lyubov Tsokolo, I’m 37. I have a happy complete family: a loving husband and three children, we live in the Bahamas. At home we speak English and Russian, and my children speak a little Spanish. 8 years ago, I founded a brand SUPER MAMA, my fourth child – really successful both in Russia and abroad.  I’m into cooking, I appreciate family values. SUPER MAMA is my mission – to tell the world about all the supermoms.

2. How did you come up with the idea of creating a SUPER MAMA magazine? 

Much more than just a magazine, SUPER MAMA is also a huge brand comprising the magazines of SUPER MAMA, SUPER FAMILY, and SUPER KID awards.

I started working when I was 18. Being quite an active person, I have tried out a lot of jobs, worked in a gym, in a kindergarten. I also ran my own business – a kids clothes shop, so my vocation has always been connected with a woman, a family. I strongly believe that it is essential for a woman to work and enjoy it, so I have decided to create a project to unite successful women, yet not celebrities – not actresses or models, but those worth being on a magazine cover to show that any woman is already a supermom! Latin Americans call their beloved women “a mom”, so this word spoken to a respected woman with love bears a hypocoristic meaning. I was lucky to meet a like-minded woman, Natalia Petlyakova, and together with love for women we created our brand SUPER MAMA. We’ve gone through fire and water together; we’ve overcome all the political issues, proving that female friendship and business do exist. Thanks to our success, our brand is currently represented in Russia and around the world. 

3. How does your magazine stand out? Who are your competitors?

Firstly, we aren’t focused on popularity, millions of views. Secondly, we have a printed version and a digital one. Our printed version is not an ordinary glossy magazine, it is a limitededition book passed from generation to generation or given as a present to the nearest and dearest.

4. What is the secret of your magazine’s popularity and the SUPER MAMA brand in general?

In fact, the secret is simple: we do what we love, we give our souls to our brand. We’ve created a space where acquaintances and collaborations take place. It can be either a redcarpet event where everyone arrives dressed up, or a business forum, where speakers discuss highly interesting topics, or just a tea party in a café to chat. The main thing we are proud of is the energy uniting women who collaborate to create unique projects. No matter the language – Russian or English, SUPER MAMA is easy to understand for any adult or child.

5. What events are you currently holding?

By the end of October, we’ve had an event with Yulia Delua, a very famous fur designer. Next, we are having a private VIP dinner in La Marée restaurant with Svetlana Ermolova. On October, 24 we are holding an event for our SUPER MAMA community in a hotel in Barvikha.  In November – a dinner and a photoshoot party in Dubai, followed by events In London, Miami, San Moritz, Zurich, and Geneva. A week ago we had an event with Swiss Learning in Miami – schools and universities in Switzerland presenting their benefits and privileges to our VIP clients.

We have a lot of customers and organize more than 500 events a year, so for the past 6 years, we’ve had more than 3.000 events. Sometimes there are big events with more than 500 guests, or small ones hosting 20-30 people. I can speak a length about them, so join our SUPER MAMA club and you’ll see it with your own eyes!

6. How successful do you consider the opening of the Super mama Club franchise?

I consider it to be a very successful franchise. It took us 6 years to create it. We have involved the best specialists, and we have a valuable background ourselves. Buying a franchise, a person gets a profitable business and a fully operating scheme: launching and running the business, franchise conditions, format, pull of partners, support from our side, an environment with low competition and minimum risks, a reasonable price – so there is no reason not to buy it.

The main concept of SUPER MAMA club franchise is super opportunities for active women, meaning profitable business for pleasure. You can build your career in business, create your own success story and make money, enjoying the process and uniting like-minded and successful people around you. This provides wide perspectives for self-development, a place to present yourself and your projects, as well as sell products of club partners. Thus, by joining the club, you not only buy a successful business with a high growth potential, but also embark on an engaging story and mission to unite all active women all over the world in one space called SUPER MAMA.

7. Tell us about your charity work

I have been working for the charity for quite a long time. I have helped a lot of foundations together with my close friend, Uliana Viner, who is an ambassador and trustee of the “Life as a miracle” foundation. We provide help, hold auctions and charity events, involve our partners. On my birthday I make a special annual marathon to gather money for a child’s treatment. Besides, we sell covers, jewelry, pictures, with the raised funds going to charities as well.

8. Now that you live in the Bahamas, how has this affected doing business?

I moved to the Bahamas during the pandemic, opening new opportunities for a lot of people to work remotely. My partner Natalia Petlyakova is based in Moscow, she runs our business in Russia. I’m managing international business in Miami, London, and other locations. I get up at 7 AM when it is 2 PM in Moscow. We make conference calls and are always in touch with our partners, clients, and my team. It’s OK for me to answer an important message at night. I visit Moscow now and again; still, I’m happy to work on distance.

9. What are your future plans?

I’d like to have one more child, to spend time with my kids, and surely strengthen the SUPER MAMA position in the world. We want our brand to be internationally recognized, to have a franchise around the world, to go global, to sell stocks. Our plans are extensive and we are moving forward. The fact that we have stood the pandemic and faced other challenges means that we are a strong brand.

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