Sun Down Charlie Gets Spicy On “Exotic”

California-based hip-hop artist Sun Down Charlie has stormed onto the music industry scene almost out of nowhere, amassing thousands of streams along the way. The rising MC made his debut on all major streaming platforms in 2020 with his song “Kele.” He’s been active ever since, releasing a plethora of new singles throughout the last year.

On “Exotic,” Sun Down Charlie taps fellow MCs Dach and Cel One for their own additions to the overall vibe. The track features an electronic-based instrumental with a dance-driven drum pattern, a soulful hook, and bar for bar verses from the performers. The trio of artists captures the idea of being in love with an exotic girl. Lyrics about curves and making moves gives the track an extra spicy feel.

The track would be perfect to play in a club or chill lounge.

Listen to Exotic here:

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