Summer Hacks by Renowned Model Alva Jay

“Preserve the precious.”

What is the first thought that comes to your mind when you talk about summer? Ice-creams, cold drinks, sunburns, tan, etc. A lot of us love summer, but also face certain skin problems. We always think of what can be done. So, here’s a stunning model, giving all the answers to your summer related issues.

Alva Jay, the dazzling social media influencer and model revealed her secrets of summer beauty. This gorgeous young lady is very particular about the summer lifestyle. “In summer, the routine is always different. I always, wake up early in the morning for exercise as later, the sun rays are very harmful to the skin”, says Alva.

The astonishing model describes considerably basic things that one needs to follow in summer for healthy skin. “Keeping yourself hydrated. Drink at least 8-10 liters of water a day. Eat citrus fruits and vegetables that consist of vitamins and minerals.”

The diva adores morning workouts and prefers to avoid the afternoon sunlight. “Try to avoid afternoon sunlight as much as you can, especially if you carry sensitive or oily skin. Even if you go out due to an emergency, do not forget to carry a sunscreen and cover your face, as avoiding that may cause sunburn or pimples.” Alva never misses to inspire us, with her essential, and generous thoughts. The diva is the inspiration, to many young girls out there.

With her evolution, from fat to fit the hot model decided to enhance her reach to social media to help more people like her. Since then, Alva is involved in the creation of several social media content, for fitness and lifestyle. Her content on Snapchat has become viral on several occasions, and her bold content on the adult-subscription platform FanCentro has helped her in building a strong fanbase in millions over the web.

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