Successful Cosmetic Brand, Boost Balm Launches 3-in-1 Skin Barrier Cream in the UK and US Markets

Boost Balm, a successful cosmetic brand has launched a new skin barrier cream, Pegasus Blood Edition. The cosmetic brand has launched innovative skincare products in the market and the skin barrier cream is one of its products that is available at affordable prices.

Pegasus Blood Edition is made of natural and plant-based ingredients to act as a natural acne treatment cream for all skin types. Long research, development, and testing of 3 years by the best scientists and chemists, is carried out before launching this product. In addition to this, 1-year usage trial and error is also conducted before the introduction of this primer for oily skin.

Shareezma Shishani, the young entrepreneur and beauty enthusiast, came with an idea to introduce this brand product after she got a grant at Halal Hi-Tech Challenge in 2015. The use of skin barrier and stem cell technology is made in this skincare product. Due to this, Boost Balm Pegasus Blood Edition, a 3 in 1 skin barrier cream provides many skin health benefits.

It offers protection to the skin by forming an invisible mask on the skin and it prevents the chemicals from makeup products as well as air to directly touch the skin layer. The 100% natural, plant-based, sulfate-free, and vegan long lasting primer helps to shrink pores and lighten pigmentation.

Pegasus Blood Edition, the skin barrier cream offers fast acne treatment with the help of its natural ingredients such as Hibiscus extract, willow bark extract, bearberry extract, soy stem cell, and Geranium oil. And this successful, Boost Balm, is receiving an excellent response for releasing innovative cosmetic products in the market.

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