Stock Sharks Makes Investing Easy

Investment and stocks are a hot topic nowadays. With movies such as “The Wolf of Wall Street,” “The Big Short,” and more, people have become aware of the tremendous benefits that investing can bring. However, the problem is that investing had the reputation of something reserved for those who are already wealthy and have studied economics extensively. Stock Sharks is an education technology company specializing in finance and has built a thriving community eager to learn.

Founded by Sheraz Ali and Jr. Alexander, Stock Sharks helps anyone who wants to begin investing get top-notch financial advice and learn more about the industry. The company takes great pride in the stock market research that it does, which offers clarity and real-time financial news so that investors can make the best, most informed decisions possible every time.

Currently, Stock Sharks offers two main products: Premium and Synergy. Premium is a subscription-based platform where individual investors are granted access to online education, software, and a growing community.

The Synergy product is for private equity, hedge funds, and groups with Assets Under Management (AUM) of $50 million. What makes Stock Sharks unique is that all of the company’s research is custom, and therefore tailored to investors’ precise needs. Sheraz Ali is the mastermind behind marketing research, marketing, and operations, while Jr. Alexander leads the community and education side.

Ali was looking into making higher-risk investments in Canada when he realized that the banks were not showing high investment returns. It seemed to him that most financial advisers weren’t as knowledgeable as they should have been, and their risk tolerance was relatively low. Ali realized that there was a better way of doing things, so he took matters into his own hands.

He met with Jr. Alexander, who shared invaluable tips and education. The two came up with the idea of building a community for traders and business individuals who would be able to network with each other and learn from the experience. Alexander and Ali came to three crucial conclusions right away.

Firstly, they found out that financial advisors put clients’ money in an ETF or a Mutual Fund, which is a very safe option, eliminating all the potential benefits of the stock market. Since advisors weren’t very well educated when it came to stocks, they always went the safe route. While this was a decent option for clients, it brought far less advantage than stocks would have. Secondly, the pair realized that there was a massive demand for education and learning, from the area of retail investment to accredited investing. The demand was not being adequately met. Finally, Ali and Alexander knew that the two of them had the capability to analyze and research at a very high level. This is how the idea of Stock Sharks was born.

Today, Stock Sharks is a source of invaluable opportunity for those who would like to get started, whether they have existing experience or not. Follow Stock Sharks on Instagram for news, expert knowledge, and updates.

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