Steven Kelly Explains The Old-School Way Of Enhancing Teamwork Skills That Is Helping Corporates In The Modern Age

Looking for ways to enhance teamwork skills in your employees and increase the efficiency of your organization?

Well, this is a challenge even for the biggest companies in the world and HR teams are always on the lookout for new ways of motivating employees!

Steven Kelly is on a mission of promoting a new way of building confidence and crucial life skills in professionals which has been gaining popularity lately.

The world of business has been changing for the past few centuries, and this speed has increased tremendously over the past few years. We see new trends emerging almost every other year, but there is something that remains constant forever.

Human behaviour is what remains constant, and ways of motivation remain the same every year. Now, if we know that human behaviour remains constant, wouldn’t it be logical to figure out how we humans enhanced teamwork and other confidence skills way back then?

Bushcraft and Survival Skills

Bushcraft and survival skills were a necessity during old age. These skills helped humans build confidence and essential life skills, which helped them excel in life.

These skills have gained a lot of popularity lately and continue to benefit professionals. Steven Kelly has spent all his life practising and teaching these skills in the army and to people in the UK. 

A bit about Steven Kelly

Steven Kelly is a full-time soldier serving in 29 Commando Regiment Royal Artillery. He has trained and instructed weapons, survival and Bushcraft skills in the British army for 18 years, working in Afghanistan, Norway, Sierra Leone, and numerous other countries.

Along with being a full-time soldier in the army, he is also the head instructor and founder of South West Survival.

South West Survival, the company, is Steven’s efforts at spreading the knowledge that he has practised all his life. He trains students, children and professionals on Bushcraft and survival skills.

He has experienced the effect of these skills on professionals and the improvement in their efficiencies. 

In this article, we discuss the changes that he has witnessed first hand so you can get an idea of what to expect as you learn Bushcraft skills!

 Talking about the benefits to professionals

Let’s uncover why you or your team should learn and practise survival skills.

  •   Teamwork skills

Bushcraft skills are a combination of various activities in which you learn to be self-reliant and not just survive but thrive in natural surroundings. With the right skill sets, you will be able to stay in a forest, light your own fire, cook food, stay protected from wildlife, make your own bed, and all other necessities of living in the wild.

Steven teaches all these activities in groups, and professionals have to coordinate with peers to perform all these activities. Now, unlike professional work life, teamwork is crucial while learning Bushcraft skills.

You will have to participate in the team and give your bit, and the participation of every member is crucial to the success of the task you are doing. 

Moments like these build teamwork skills in your team, and they understand the importance and benefits of working together.

  •   Being self-reliant

Another crucial professional skill is making the effort of finding solutions. Most of the time, we keep pondering over solutions while we are sitting just over them. 

In the wild, you have no option but to look for alternatives and solve the problem at hand. These activities boost creative thinking, and the same is used in your professional career.

  •   Communication skills

I am sure you know enough about the importance of communication skills in professional life.

Being an effective communicator is all it takes to excel in your professional life, and it is also a necessity as you practise Bushcraft skills. 

You learn effective ways to communicate with your team, the benefit of which will be seen in the way you communicate in the office! 

  •   Mental wellbeing

No matter what industry you belong to, there is some amount of stress associated with work. Many factors pressurize us, and sometimes the pressure starts affecting our mental wellbeing. 

Practising Bushcraft skills in the wild will give you satisfaction and inner peace. It is also an excellent form of exercise which helps you remain fit and happy at the same time.

  •   Confidence Building

Another significant benefit is the confidence you get when you can handle all situations and thrive in natural surroundings.

Activities where you learn to navigate using the sun and stars will give birth to a different kind of confidence within you.

This builds problem-solving skills in professionals, and they start looking at problems from a different perspective! 


Numerous other benefits help you build a character and solve even the most challenging professional problems.

If you are also looking to develop these skills and try something new for your organization and team, contact Steven and plan a learning session. 

To know more about Steven Kelly and South West Survival, check and get to know about the professional programs conducted by Steven.

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