SpaceX found the problem that blew up its Crew Dragon spacecraft

The SpaceX Vehicle which was supposed to carry astronauts to the International Space Station was destroyed because of the propellant tank leak. In April, the SpaceX Vehicle was tested before it could carry out the mission but due to the leakage, the entire spacecraft blew up.

The cause behind the accident was investigated by Engineers with the help of scientists from NASA, the National Transportation Safety Board, and the US Air Force. After several months of investigation and deduction of inferences, NASA and SpaceX are certain about the reason for the blowup and are all set to release the reports via a teleconference that is to be held with several reporters.

The leader of the engineering team of SpaceX Hans Koenigsmann said that they won’t be able to launch the new spacecraft in 2019 anymore after discovering about the shortcomings. The operation that was to be carried out in the year 2017 is now being further delayed.

The manager of NASA’s Commercial Crew Kathy Leuders said that this explosion of the spacecraft while being tested on the ground was like a gift. There were several instrumentations on the vehicle whose data and hardware was easily recovered too.

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