Spa Sciences, Healthy Skin for All

Today we are going to dive head-first into the popular skincare brand Spa Sciences to find out more about the behind the scenes information that we sometimes miss.

Michael Friend is the creator of the brand and has had a strong vision for it for as long as he could remember.

“I decided to choose the skincare/beauty industry because I really do love all things beauty. Plus, I wanted to create products that not only helped men and women achieve the skin they want but make them feel comfortable. My son and daughter Leo and Hannah have really benefited from my line of skincare tools and just seeing them being confident in their skin due to having amazing skin really puts a smile on my face,” Friend said when asked about his career choice.

His business is unique for a number of reasons and if anyone had to ask him it would be that he wanted to help both women and men achieve the skin they’ve always wanted. However, we live in a society where not everyone can afford weekly facial treatments or even have the time to book that spa treatment.

He wanted to ensure that the working mom with two kids and no time to get her facials done could do that microdermabrasion facial at home for a very low price. Or there’s the woman who can’t afford that expensive dermaplaning facial at a spa but can now have an affordable at-home dermaplaning skincare tool that gently and safely removes peach fuzz and exfoliates her skin.

“I created my skincare tool with the everyday person in mind because I do believe that everyone deserves to have the skin they’ve always dreamed of having,” he carries on to say “I started my business knowing that I needed to create a product that everyone could use while embodying the Spa Sciences slogan “Bring The Spa Home”. So my #1 priority was creating a product that not only people could afford, but would also improve their skin.”

His biggest challenge would be all the risk-taking that was involved in creating this brand. Every risk that he takes with my business, he realizes that it has the potential to fail, and sometimes they did.

He’s had to admit that he’s made some decisions as an entrepreneur and they have failed but the greatest challenge was how he overcame them and didn’t let my failures define or stop him:

“Mindset is very important. It definitely is the key factor in how successful your business is. I’ve personally had to give up a lot and I am still forced to give up a lot for my business. Mindset plays an important factor in the decisions I make for my business and how hard I work on ensuring that my business becomes what I want it to be in the future. It allows me to see opportunities where others might not see or agree with at the time and it definitely helps with the execution of many new ideas for my company.”

As Spa Sciences continues to deliver quality tools to people all over the world, they would like to thank their customers for all of their support throughout time. They have more plans for the future to create even more affordable products such as their Skincare Beauty Fridge that they recently dropped on their website for $47.000 to help elongate the life of our everyday beauty products.

To find out what this brand has to offer, take a look on their website at

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