South African Millionaire Endures a Trying Childhood to Achieve Financial Freedom

The case of Conray Labuschagne will fit a typical “grass-to-grace” analogy, growing up in a family that struggled financially and overcoming all the obstacles life threw at him to make the best out of his situation. The founder of Work Your Wealth (WYW WEALTH 4 ALL), a personal development company focused on helping people to create wealth, has vast experience as an employee, public servant, and entrepreneur.

Growing up, Conray watched his father and mother, as well as his two siblings, struggle to enjoy the basics of life. His childhood experiences taught him a lot, many of which have helped him as he grew older. The successful entrepreneur and millionaire real estate investor has benefitted from these experiences as well as the mentorship from several other successful entrepreneurs in different parts of the globe like Robert Kiyosaki.

In line with his goal of impacting the society positively, an urge inspired by his childhood experiences in a struggling family, Conray began to teach and personally mentor students publicly, in creating passive income and wealth in distressed properties, sharing his knowledge and experience with his students.

Conray also decided to further pursue his studies into the mindset and human behavior, assisting more than 100,000 students to change their mindsets and behavioural patterns. Conray, through his teaching, helped these students to create an extra income. This resulted in the development and founding of Work Your Wealth (WYW 4 All), Conray’s personal development company focused around creating wealth for students on a global scale, starting in 2008.

Over the years, Conray has personally learned from many high profile speakers, business persons as well as motivators. His long list of mentors includes Bob Proctor, Jack Canfield, T Harv. Eker, Dr. John Demartini, Blair Singer, Sir Richard Branson, Tony Robbins, and Bill Bartmann. He has been privileged to share the stage with many of his mentors and also appeared on stage with Lisa Nickels and Mary Buffet. Conray has also shared various stages internationally from a wide range of institutions, from MBA schools to seminar companies such as Success Resources Global.

Conray has been financially free for many years, dedicating his life to living a life of choice, living his best possible life according to his dream lifestyle.

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