SONIC Breaks Regional Records For Opening Day Sales

The customers surely missed Sonic Drive-In during its 7-year absence is a fact. The restaurant broke regional records for opening day sales recently when it opened its doors on Harper Road on Nov. 10. Heather Phillips, the general manager for the Beckley Sonic, said there were people everywhere which felt great as they were not at all expecting this welcome.

They bought their signature onion rings and Cherry Limeade back in their retro-themed drive-in restaurant. The Sonic had opened in the Plaza Mall area on Robert C. Byrd Drive in 2007 which had to be closed in 2014 when a dispute led to traffic flow problems on Industrial Drive.

The owner of the local franchise said the response shows how eager the customers were for the restaurant to return. The customers as well as the owners are really excited and happy so far. The excitement is for both the food and the environment as the eatery offers a fast, friendly experience with quality food.

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Other than the drive-through ordering, Sonic is also known for its throwback car stalls. The customers can easily park, place an order and enjoy a meal delivered to them by a carhop. It has a retro feel to it as the carhops do not use a cash register and rather carry a coin dispenser on their sides plus a bank with them as they can count the change back to the customers.

Soon the carhops will also be delivering Sonic’s signature items using roller skates. They are currently training for the same as it will not be an easy job to carry food, cash and 4-5 drinks on a tray. It will be exciting for everyone nonetheless.

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