SoHo Welcomes Robert Pho’s Skin Design Tattoos

For over two decades, Skin Design Tattoos has been a prominent figure in the tattoo industry, and it recently launched its flagship studio in the bustling Soho district of New York City. The opening, backed by sponsors Philipp Plien and Villon, drew a glamorous crowd, including New York’s finest from the entertainment and tattoo worlds. Notable attendees included comedian Shiggy, VH1’s “Black Ink Crew” members, and famed tattoo artist Keith Hernandez, with the event elegantly captured by photographer Josh Sobel. PR professionals Shawn Germain of Tomorrow’s Group and Johnny Donovan coordinated the event’s blue carpet festivities.

The design of the new studio, characterized by sleek lines and raw brick, provides an elegant backdrop that enhances the intricate black and grey realism tattoos Skin Design is famed for. This aesthetic is mirrored in the collections of sponsor Philipp Plien, who uses stark lines and intense shading to add depth.

Robert Pho, CEO and Founder of Skin Design, shared his artistic vision at the event, explaining that his designs are “not just art; they are narratives of life’s stark contrasts, capturing tales of survival, redemption, and transformation.”

The studio is also celebrated for its comprehensive apprenticeship program, where artists like Reena Pho, now a seasoned tattooist at Skin Design, refine their skills under Robert’s mentorship. Robert also hinted at future philanthropic efforts with a non-profit aimed at supporting aspiring artists financially constrained from pursuing their passion.

Since its inception, Robert Pho’s commitment has driven Skin Design Tattoos to international acclaim and a respected position in the tattoo world. The opening of the flagship studio at 285 Lafayette Street in New York is a testament to the brand’s enduring influence and innovation in tattoo artistry. Visit the studio in person, book a consultation at, or follow their creative progress on Instagram via @robert_pho and @reenapho_sdt.

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