Simone Etere, an Instagram Fitness Model, is Training People to Help them Achieve a Fit Physique

Instagram fitness model, Simone Etere, is the talk of the hour in the fitness world. He is popular on Instagram with over 1 million followers. And Simone Etere has attained a fit physique by passionately following his fitness regime.

Known on s17ne on Instagram, Simone Etere started his strength training in Calisthenics at 11. Now, the Italian fitness freak is helping people across the globe attain a fit body by offering them strength training.

Due to his rising popularity, Simone Etere enjoys partnerships with many fitness brands such as Puma, American Tourister, Gillette, Lanisar, Chimi, etc. Owing to his passion for fitness, he has transformed himself completely.

It is due to his strong passion for achieving a fit physique. Utilizing his fitness training knowledge and experiences, Simone Etere is helping people from across the world transform their bodies for the better.

Simone Etere gives the credit for the beginning of his fitness journey to his brother, who gifted him his first pull-up bar. Since then, he got passionate about working for his fitness and has now reached a spot where he is a known personality globally.

Simone Etere advocates people to follow a fitness regime passionately to achieve their fitness goals. He has introduced calisthenics courses in Umbria for giving training to people to achieve a fit body.

The fitness model is touching new limits in the fitness world by posting interesting content about fitness. Simone Etere has very well adapted to the changing digital trends to attain success on Instagram.

The athletic personality has always believed in pursuing the fitness journey passionately. And he tells people to do so to transform themselves for achieving a healthy body.

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