Sezgin Mangjuka Helping Entrepreneurs in a Big Way through Strong Digital Presence

Blending his digital creativity with business acumen, Sezgin Mangjuka, the Founder and CEO of Pixatronix, today is scripting success stories for entrepreneurs by boosting their sales through conversion of trade enquiries on social media into actual sales.

The Kosovo-based Pixatronix now has grown synonymous with a company that assures success in business by projecting the companies and their services and products through innovative projections with the help of social media that helps them turn brands.

Turning an entrepreneur at an early age after hard struggle and some failures, Sezgin Mangjuka now is not only known in Kosovo as a successful marketer but also an influencer and a mentor for other entrepreneurs.

Redefining the digital platforms as the most organic means of developing business of his clients, Sezgin Mangjuka made Pixatronix one of the top-ranking digital marketing company of Kosovo that offers its value-added services of branding and digital presence to the clients in optimizing their sales.

Sezgin Mangjuka is followed by over 30,000 persons on his Instagram handle and is a prominent social media personality in Kosovo. Pixatronix, full-service digital media outfit, is extremely result oriented. That is why it has a large number of clients including celebrities belonging to different walks of life.

Pixatronix adopts phase-wise strategy to create the brand image of a service, product and company or even a person. Such a marketing strategy helps the companies create their own aura among the clients. In turn, this helps them convert their business enquiries into actual sales.

Sezgin Mangjuka crafts his business strategy in such a way that it constantly focuses on the products and services of companies thus making them known brands in the digital platforms. This successful projection creates the market for products and services.

Though Sezgin Mangjuka succeeded in digital marketing at an early age, his success did not come easily as he had experienced repeated failures but they did not deter him. He is a totally self-made man. After failing in Class 10 and again in Class 12, a young Sezgin Mangjuka dreamt of becoming an entrepreneur.

But he had no money. Hence, he borrowed a small amount from his father and floated his digital platform which clicked. At that time, he was just 17. Sezgin Mangjuka is a first generation businessman.

Now he is a role model for young entrepreneurs in Kosovo. They want to track his ways to gain success in business.

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