Seven Leaves: A Green Journey from Humboldt Hills

In the bustling heart of Sacramento, Seven Leaves emerges not just as a brand, but as a narrative of dedication, evolution, and passion. Behind its flourishing facade is CEO and Co-Founder, Tyler Kearns, who warmly opened up about the incredible journey of his brand.

After 15 years in the business, Kearns acknowledges his astonishment at Seven Leaves’ trajectory. “While I always imagined being hands-on with every harvest, the colossal stature of Seven Leaves today was beyond my initial dreams. But then, it’s not just my dream anymore – it’s a shared vision brought to life by our remarkable team.”

Hailing from the iconic Humboldt County – America’s original cannabis mecca – Kearns was no stranger to the alluring scent and allure of marijuana. Yet, his early days were deeply entrenched in the construction and electrical fields. “I was surrounded by the shadowy aura of the weed industry during my youth. It was more of an outlawed rural hustle back then, fraught with legal dangers and personal losses,” he recalled. Only when the Great Recession struck did he glimpse the potential of the industry, drawing parallels between his construction acumen and the ‘new way’ of cannabis production.

Social media, with its double-edged sword of outreach and scrutiny, has been a pivotal chapter in Seven Leaves’ saga. With genuine warmth, Kearns said, “We cherish our bond with our social media family. Digital interactions are splendid, but the charm of in-person engagements remains unmatched.” But, as with any digital platform, Seven Leaves faces its share of online turbulence. Their strategy is one of discernment. Kearns explained, “We first discern the root. Is it genuine feedback or mere pot-stirring? This evolving cannabis industry has a few detractors, but our focus is laser-sharp: quality, connection, and growth.”

And growth they have achieved. Beyond surviving the American weed industry’s whirlwinds for 15 years, Seven Leaves prides itself on its unwavering commitment to its crew. But the journey, though green, has not been without thorns. Kearns’ voice took on a somber tone as he recounted the hardships. “From living tent-bound in the Six Rivers Forest, facing mold infestations and forrest fires, to more recent tribulations like losing a staggering $885k due to our distributor Herbl Distribution Services’ collapse, our path has tested our resilience.” But at Seven Leaves, setbacks are seen as stepping stones. “Our firm belief in maintaining robust business and personal savings was our beacon during stormy phases.”

For Kearns, one of the most heartwarming achievements remains the loyalty and acclaim from budtenders and patrons. “Their choice to embrace and endorse Seven Leaves is our greatest joy. Hearing their appreciation is a heartfelt affirmation of ‘Our why.'”

As for the future, the horizon is broad and bright. Kearns shared some tantalizing tidbits: “We’re gearing up for a significant expansion, eyeing brand licensing across multiple US states, the EU, and the UK. By Fall 2023, Seven Leaves will unfurl in five additional states.”

Yet, as our conversation meandered towards a close, what stood out was Kearns’ humility and gratitude. He spoke of his team with palpable pride, sharing their collective slogan: “We thrive and grow because of how well we listen and respond to our customer’s wants and concerns.”

And so, from the verdant terrains of Humboldt to the bustling corridors of Sacramento, Seven Leaves’ journey is one of grit, green, and growth. It’s not just the story of a brand; it’s a testament to the spirit of cannabis itself.

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