See How Salaman Rasoli, A Young PA Student and Entrepreneur Is Helping Students Getting Accepted Into Healthcare Sector

From being an athlete in college while obtaining a BS in Cellular & Molecular Biology with Honors, it is safe to say Salaman knows a thing or two about time management. He is currently in his final year of PA school while still being active with multiple projects regarding mentorship, health, and fitness. Moreover, he is soon launching his supplement line. He mentions, “Like most pre-healthcare students today, there is a lack of specific guidance regarding how to pursue the specific healthcare career of choice. Therefore, I chose to mentor students as a side hobby for free, that has now grown exponentially and turned into something much bigger and profitable.” Salaman further states, “My journey to how I got to where I am today was a brutal one. There was no clear guidance or steps that were presented to me and I had to learn all this information on my own via trial and error. In addition, very little beneficial information was gained from my undergraduate councilors. I see and hear similar stories regarding university councilors and their lack of knowledge from my both previous and current students that I personally have mentored or still mentoring, all around the US.”

Salaman does not believe that the path to becoming a successful applicant must be complicated. That is what pushed him to create his successful website pertaining to the most common healthcare fields, with an overall preparation sheet specific to each career. His mentorship programs are meant to help students in every step of the way, including mock interviews and personal statement revisions. Salaman starts by providing every prospective student a free consultation session to discuss what part of their journey they are currently at. Based on this information, he creates individual programs specific to each student, and works with his students towards the goal of finally getting an acceptance letter. In the past year, Salaman has reached thousands of students across social media and through his website. With nearly 17,000 followers on Instagram   and an early adopter of Pinterest, he quickly found that it was a great way for him to give free advice to thousands looking for guidance. He has since been able to drive business towards his program through social media and mentor students mainly through online platforms. Due to the high volume of student requests, he now focuses on primary communication through his website dedicated to mentorship along with his health and fitness coaching.

His goal for the upcoming new year and every year following is to help at least one hundred new students get into PA/NP/RN/MD/DO schools specifically. “I truly believe that a student who has a specific guide and steps tailored to them, will only be setup for success and very difficult to fail,” Salaman says.

If you are interested in the services that Salaman provides and want to be a part of his program, he offers free consultations and can be contacted at , through his website at  or via instagram: salamancode 


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