Scientists have Warned Businesses not to Farm Octopus

After sheep and cows, businesses are now farming octopus. The businesses are not farming octopus due to their intelligence but for fulfilling their demand as a food. The scientists are warning the people not to farm octopus because it is causing an adverse impact on the environment.

In May 2019, the scientists from different corners of the world had urged to not farm octopus. But due to the increased global demand of the octopus as a food, it is encouraging some businesses to farm octopus.

Attempt to farm octopus is picking pace in many countries. The nations are also altering octopus’ genetic modification to accelerate their growth. A team of environmental scientists, philosophers and psychiatrists have written an edition on the impacts of octopus farming. Octopuses are causing nitrogen and phosphorous pollution from their waste.

Their interbreeding is also developing many diseases that are difficult to control. For environmental concerns, the octopus diet is very hazardous. They are carnivores and need fish and oil in their food.

Octopus diet is causing to put pressure on wild fish and this is further affecting the marine life cycle. Around one third of the caught fishes are being fed to other animals. Half of the caught fishes go to aquaculture. Octopus farming is causing overfishing because they eat at least three times their weight.

The scientists have also said that it is extremely cruel to keep octopuses in factories. They suggest to keep them only in aquariums where people can know about their intelligence.

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