Sara Zaimi Vies for Miss NJ Crown with a Mission for Women’s Health

For many young women, the world of pageantry feels distant and exclusive. But this year’s Miss NJ race welcomes a trailblazer unlike any other: Sara Zaimi, a first-generation Algerian American pharmacist (PharmD) with a burning passion for women’s health. Sara Zaimi’s story it’s about shattering stereotypes, redefining beauty standards, and empowering young women to reach their full potential.

Growing up in Jersey City, Sara rarely saw faces that reflected her own background in leadership positions. This experience, coupled with a personal health scare that ignited a fire in her, such as experiencing chest pains and a concerning blood test at an early age, forced her to confront her own vulnerability. Witnessing the unwavering strength of women battling cancer in the oncology ward further solidified her desire to make a difference. These experiences fueled her desire to be a role model for young women, particularly those from underprivileged communities.

Her academic achievements, including graduating at the top of her class at Rutgers University, stand as a beacon of hope, proving that anything is possible through hard work and dedication. Sara’s ambitions extend far beyond the Miss NJ stage. She sees the Miss USA and Miss Universe competitions as platforms to elevate her message on a global scale. Imagine a Miss Universe who champions not just beauty, but also critical causes like early detection for women’s health, STEM education for young girls, and inclusivity for underrepresented voices. That’s the future this determined contender envisions.

Sara’s brilliance lies in finding solutions at the intersection of science and art. Her business, Pharmed Ink, reflects this philosophy, fusing pharmacy, wellness, art, and beauty. A powerful example is her support for 3D areola tattooing, an innovative approach that merges medical expertise with artistic expression to help breast cancer survivors reclaim a sense of normalcy and beauty after treatment.

Beyond entrepreneurship, Sara’s dedication to giving back extends through her role as Treasurer of NJ Sisterhood. This organization empowers young women in inner-city communities by providing crucial resources and mentorship programs. Through initiatives like the professional development course, NJ Sisterhood has directly impacted hundreds of young women, equipping them with the skills and guidance they need to navigate the college application process and pursue their dreams.

In a world that can value narrow definitions of beauty, Sara Zaimi stands out. She’s a role model who proves that true beauty lies in the strength of your character and your commitment to making a difference.

Follow Sara’s journey and learn more about her mission on Instagram: @pharminked_laser and @njsisterhood. Let’s cheer her on as she vies for the Miss NJ crown!

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