San Diego’s celebrity trainer Ray Wetterlund III busts some fitness tips which everyone needs to know!

A fit body is what everyone wishes to have. All of it depends on your lifestyle, workout regime and nutrition. Unfortunately, many people give fitness tips which we can call ‘fitness myths’. Busting these myths, celebrity fitness trainer Ray Wetterlund III takes off the curtain and throws light on some of the most common fitness myths which can harm your body.

Hailing from San Diego, he is a licensed and certified personal trainer, strength and conditioning coach (CSCS) and a sports nutritionist. Having many celebrity clients from La Jolla and San Diego, Ray is widely known for his award-winning 1000+ calorie-burning RW3 Boot Camps which have transformed the lives of many people. Giving some useful insights about the misconceptions created by people about health and fitness, Ray made many interesting revelations.

Firstly, he started with the biggest myth which many skinny people have in their minds. “I have seen many skinny people have a greater appetite than healthy people. Many say that they eat adequate food and workout twice a week. The catch is not working out twice but, it depends on a human body’s metabolism rate”, said Ray. He explained that working out twice a week won’t give sustained health benefits.

According to him, a three-days structured workout program in a week is important for all beginners. Secondly, the trainer was asked about the suitable workout timings on several occasions. He says, “Many have a misconception in their mind that early morning workout is more effective. But I say that any time in the day to workout is the ideal time. Being consistent and is of utmost importance irrespective of any time in the day you workout.”

Throwing light on the third and the most important myth, the fitness trainer said that many people believe that exercise is the key to lose weight. While exercises and working out are an important aspect of losing weight, but having a healthy diet is also important. “Slimming down starts with your healthy eating habits and workout acts as a supporting factor in the weight loss program. Replacing junk food with healthy food, eating greens, consuming high protein and low carb food and taking vitamins regularly, helps you in losing weight along with regular workouts”, he added.

Lastly, many workout freaks have been living with one myth all their lives that weight lifting turns fat into muscle. Explaining the concept, the celebrity trainer revealed that fat cannot be converted into muscle. Giving an in-depth explanation about it, he said, “They are two different tissues – adipose (fatty) tissue and muscle tissue. While the former is found under the skin sandwiched between muscles and around internal organs, the latter can be broken down into three main types which are found throughout the body.” He then stated that weight training only helps in building muscle tissue in and around any fat tissue.

Well, Ray Wetterlund III over the years has been imparting great knowledge about health and fitness. With an experience of almost a decade, he has built a strong fanbase and has a family of more than 20 million on social media. The celebrity fitness trainer is very often seen on his weekly TV show ‘Abs Made In The Kitchen’ on Fox 5 San Diego. His only goal is to create an environment where everyone gets rid of the unhealthy lifestyle and of course, make people aware of the insignificant fitness myths.

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